Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Who Wants To Be PerFecT?

Desperately trying not to growl.  And not succeeding all that well.  Good thing that the only person that could hear me is napping right now. 
Trying to cross the T's and dot the i's is making me crazy.  Thought I finally began to get it together.  Pulled out the old planner, filled it with shiny new fill in your calendar days yourself planning pages.  Filled in all the to do's on the days they needed to be done.
Only to miss mark the date.
Good thing I used a pencil.  And the portrait studio had an open appointment. (I wondered why she said she thought I was in tomorrow...)

Monday, November 12, 2012

The To Do List

I love to do lists.  There are days when my to do list has a to do list.  But, as a mom, I find my to do lists have become more of a wish lists or what I wish I could to do list.
So, I've resorted to adding silly things on  my to do list just to make myself feel like I've accomplished something.
Like, eat breakfast.  But, days, even this seems a monumental task to accomplish. 
Or brush my teeth.  Feed the dog.  Change the baby's diaper.
Once a check of these obvious and easily done tasks, the other items seem less daunting.  I mean, half my list is checked off, so the rest should be easy, right?
Pencils have also become important.  They allow me to be flexible.  But sometimes, I purposefully use a permanent marker so that I can see myself revising my lists.  To remind myself to be flexible, and it is okay if things have to get moved around.
Most importantly, the to do list is living list.  By this, I mean that it can go on to the following day...and the next.
Because my favorite to do item?
Enjoy my little boy every single moment.  And tickle time. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

This Busy Mommy's Favorites

Motherhood has taught me a few things.

My kitchen seems to amplify every noise, no matter how significant.  Especially during the nap time.  Also, I'd like to somehow turn the dingy bell thing on my microwave off.  It is way too loud, even if it tells me when the popcorn is ready.

Time may not be money, but it is precious.  Prioritizing is as important as multi-tasking.  And showering is sometimes an option, but it allows you to take a jammies day once in a while.

And when I find something I love, as a mommy, I find that I get that much more excited about it.

And so, here is my first of many...

Soda in a can and a box of cake mix is so moist and yummy and EASY!  Plus, Dr. Pepper makes a kick booty cupcake.  (Just mix and bake as directed.  Awesome. For reals.)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mommy and Daddy Time

Before we had our little bundle of joy, my husband and I had what I considered to be a marriage to be envied.  I listened to my girlfriends and co-workers complain how their other halves never lifted a finger except to mow the lawn (if they were lucky!). 
Mine?  Dishes, changed the cat litter, took out the garbage, swiftered the golden retriever's never ending shedding hair, brushed the never ending shedding golden retriever, and even cooked dinner.  Mind you, we both worked full time (sometimes up to 50 to 65 hours each a week) and all of this still happened.
Then, the baby came.  Being a mommy means that you can't do it all, no matter how hard you try.  And it also means your partner is even a bigger part of the everyday journey that takes so many turns you may not know which way is up.
So, how did we do?  Check back to find out!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mommy Rules...First Installment

As a new mom, I think I've experienced the ups and downs with a touch of humour, the realization that I can't so it all, and the happiness that comes when you figure that one little thing out each and every day.
Like, how can I possibly shower when I'm running around like a crazy person after a nine month old?  How do I feed myself when all I do is feed the baby?  And how the heck can I keep up with this whole bloggarooni thing when I can't eat or shower?!?!?!
Then I found the answer...nap time. 
And the blog?  I plan on sharing my new little discoveries that make my life hope?  Not that I'm re-inventing the wheel, but that I can shed a little light on the craziness that any new mom faces.  If one person finds one thing (even if it's me!!) that helps make life more about the giggles, then so be it.  Mission accomplished!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Rediscovery...Tickle Time!

I hate being tickled.  Serious face.  It really pisses me off.  This all comes from all the time I was tortured as a child (and beyond!) by my mom.  She relished tickling me, and I never really understood why.  Did she like turning me into an evil snarling (yet giggling) demon child?  Was it torture?  Or was she just sadistic and wanted me to feel the pain of all the dishes and clean up she had done after me for my whole life?
Turns out if it's anything like how I feel as a mom that she just loved to see me smile and giggle.  Uncontrollably. 
I now know this because there is nothing I love more, or that will make my heart swell and produce a big ol goofy grin on my face than tickle time with my little man.  From the moment I got that first giggle (which may or may not been from gas!!) to the uncontrollable adorable giggle fits, I was hooked.  My day, no matter how annoying (laundry, dishes, business, or economic freak outs!), suddenly changes into blissful happiness.
Not only can I not resist his beautiful laughter, it makes me love my mom even more....

Monday, July 9, 2012


When I first found out I was expecting, we kept it to ourselves.  We waited until that end of the first trimester to spread the word about out upcoming life changing event.
My favorite person to tell, though (other than daddy, of course!) was my Uncle...who lives overseas.  We communicate by email and had reconnected just a few years ago.  The best thing he told me, as he had his first child only a few years ago, is that having his son helped him rediscover the joy and love of his own mother (my Nana!) and appreciate things differently about her.
So, that will now be one of the features you can check out...rediscovery.  The joy and love that we sometimes forget when the arguments and sad memories overwhelm us and cloud all the good.  Especially when that person is no longer here to help us remember...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Smile! Or, Not?

So much to do, so little time.  Which is why I take so many pictures of baby boy.  Everyone will tell you they grow so fast, and they are right!!!
The big question then, invest in a new fancy digital SLR (which I selfishly want to maybe replace my Nikon SLR that I still adore - real film will always have my heart), or suck it and get a new cell phone.  Because, let's face it, two years is forever in technology years.
And, it's here. (With a bigger memory than the old one, that has almost two hundred pictures and twenty videos capturing my cutie pie's growth from a little peanut to my lil dude who waddles with that adorable baby walk!!)
The issue?  I have digital camera.  It's the boy, you see.  Suddenly he has adopted this cheesy I have three bottom teeth huge grin and squinty eye picture face, obviously from the flash.
My problem?  I'm still slow getting used to the features on my new phone so every picture is, well, interesting but not adorable.
Practice is perfect, I suppose.  And there's always that camera on my wish list.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting Steamed

When I made the decision to become a part time, one day a week, employee at my 12+ year job, I became worried over the whole money issue.
Not only did I not want to let it come between my husband and I (who rarely, if ever have a major disagreement other than I believe in actually changing light bulbs once they burn out), but I was concerned how our lives would change.
So, being the money saver that I already was (I love my Coach bags, all on sale), but not a crazy couponer-I still can't figure out how they do it!!!!- i investigated.  Knowledge is power.
Baby food and formula is insanely expensive!  Holy moly, not only would I have a new mouth to cloth and diaper (not to mention the toys, lotions, and baby wipes!)...his carbon foot print would start early with all those jars and containers.
So, along with breastfeeding (if I hear breast is best one more time, I may just scream.  Or cry.) I decided to make my own baby food.
Happily, I have to say not only is it kind of empowering (I love to cook, and steaming his food makes me feel very good and so mommy!!!) to know what exactly he's eating, but it's so incredibly, dare i say, cheap!
And easy.
I didn't waste any money (duh!) on a book, but started with an article in a baby magazine that I receive as a free subscription.
Simple....apples, cut into chunks, steam until soft, puree (my processor now has other things to do other than pesto!), place into ice cube trays, freeze. 
This recipe works for just about anything...and of course I logged onto other websites just to make sure.
And now, my freezer has a full top drawer for only $15 for almost a month of baby food.
Not sure if he likes the green beans, though.  Peas and apples?  Oh yeah! 
The rule?  Don't be afraid to try new things.  Sweet potato fries, fresh out of the oven?  Pureed for baby boy, yummy for mommy and daddy!
Now, if only he would stop eyeing my ice cream...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?

We all have those friends.  You know the ones.  They told you while you were expecting that they would never see you again, like they were some psychic predicting the end of the world.
My husband and I have a small group of friends that started with a married couple with two boys, two single "boys" and us.  Saturday poker nights...every Saturday.  At the married with children home (no babysitter needed!).  This evolved into a high school friend and his wife (with son) moving back into town, which in turn revolved into the two married (other than my husband) forming a band to live out their high school fantasies.
Enter the girlfriends (now one wife and one fiance) for the "boys".
At this point, the Saturday game would still happen, but with less and less frequency.
Side note of importance...of this group, only myself and my other handsome half, as well as one "boy" (now husband) and wife were the non-smokers.
Back to the remark that started it all.  When we found out we were expecting, we were very conscious of what our shoulds and should nots were, and still are.
This included the smoking.
To say I get it would be a lie.  We know this effects your health in so many scary ways, not to mention the simple economic cost, I don't get why people smoke anymore.  Not to mention it's stinky, you don't look sexy, and you have to do laundry all the time.  And then add in that you have children?  If only for their health or the fear of not being there for them someday would scare me into at least trying my booty off to quit, let alone that it does effect their health if you smoke around them or in the same house, even if they are in a different room.
This, my friends, is why we don't get to see one another that much, if ever, and the band...and the new girlfriends, wives, etc.
My lil dude is the most important things to enter my life, and I just don't want him around it.
But how do you tell that to someone?
I don't.  More because I don't want to offend them or tell them what to do.
So, instead I've spurred the husband into finishing up the projects around the house so we can have them over...and ban the smokers to in front of the garage and away from everything that matters.
Maybe I should pick up so Nicorette?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Reinventing the Wheel?

When I started this blog, I was full of that indescribable feeling of new beginnings.  I somehow thought I would rock this mom role in a way that no other person had.  Or at least, unlike the moms I knew.  Granted, they are all wonderful, sometimes crazy, always loving, amazing women.  But, it worried me endlessly the things that would come out of their mouths while I was pregnant.
It was almost as if they wanted me dread the upcoming event that, really, I was so happy about.  (I didn't get overly moody or grumpy.  In fact, almost everyone who knew me said I was the happiest pregnant woman they had ever met.  And if you knew me, this would crack you up.  Not that I'm not happy...I am.  I laugh, joke...but I have a tendency to be very blunt at times.)
On to today.  My lil dude is going to be nine months old in a few days, and I'm amazed how much my life and perspective had changed.
The biggest lesson I've learned is that not everyone is the same.  Those afore mentioned mommies and their stories of husbands sucking it up because this is my body now, taking showers (OY!), and just absolute terror actually prepared me to just go with the flow.
Every month, just when I think I get things under control, it changes.  The good thing?  I love change.  With a splash of consistency. 
This month, I finally have lil dude sleeping totally on his own (at first, he would only fall asleep on me, which I loved but realised started to cramp my style after about five months) AND I'm using that time effectively for ME!
So, while I haven't totally reinvented the wheel, I've painted it different colors.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Little Things...

I've found a new obsession since having the cutest (at least in my opinion) little man enter my life.
The baby section at Target.  Or Carter's...or Gymboree.  Or Kohl's.
Get the picture?
Yes, I still cruise the shoe dept. in Macy's and Dillard's, and check out all my previous "addictions" like before, but now, I have to stroll through and check out all the lil shorts, polos, and jammies.  Talking my dearest friend (who also happened to have her bundle of joy two months after me!), I found I wasn't alone.
Why am I doing this?
Did I also mention I have a need to get just about everything as cheap, er frugally, as possible?
So, new rule?
Little things (and great deals) are almost as good as a new pair of shoes...and even cuter!

Friday, June 1, 2012

To Sleep, Or Not...

When my lil bundle of joy first came home, he slept through the night within three days.  The first night, I literally was so exhausted from trying to keep on the whole feed him every two hours or he will starve (at least in my mind!) schedule that I truly believed the entire thing was a fluke designed to make me believe things could be really be this easy (little did I know!).  Then, it happened again.  Was I a horrible new mommy for not waking him up?  Then, I gave in.  Happily, my pediatrician told me to let him sleep (and insert angels singing). 
Fast forward seven months, and enter the what is wrong with him schedule.
This is what happens every three hours or so.
Husband rolls over and tries to whisper over crying not quite screeching baby, "What do you think he wants?"
Me, trying not to hit him with a pillow because, truly, I don't, contrary to popular opinion, speak baby just yet, "I don't know!"  Also trying to whisper even though at this point the lil dude in question is clearly not sleeping.  "Diaper?"
And so, off I go to diaper duty. 
Put him back down, crying continues.  Loudly.
Again, the husband asks.  I try not to get frustrated, understanding he is just as lost as me. (Meanwhile, in my mind, I'm bashing him with the pillow.  Hey, it's soft and won't really hurt him...)
"Teething?"  I reply.  To which husband crawls out of bed to get the frozen teething ring, which when he returns, lil dude gratefully chomps on. 
But, once again, put him down, and the crying begins.
Fine, I think.  If he's anything like dad, he's hungry. 
And he finally falls asleep.
Until three hours later.
Now, this doesn't happen every night, but more often than not...well, you get the picture.
New rule?  Not only can I not read the baby's mind, it's probably good the husband can't read mine ;-)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Everything With A Purpose...Even A Shower has really been a looooong time. My little man is now seven months old and if I've learned anything over the last few months, it's the sad yet happy fact that my life is no longer my own.  Simple tasks like the dishes (which my husband used to do...hmmm, there's a conversation!) and even showering have taken on new meaning.  Like scarce.  Or nap time.  If the little buddy bear falls asleep not on mommy (my fault totally, he's just so amazing...though I am told that will wear off, at least a bit) or I have the energy to do so.
Simple joys like my morning yoga are usually pushed aside for breakfast feedings, changing diapers, or just simply rolling around together on the bed laughing and giggling in the early morning.  And bellydance?  Oy.  That is a whole separate matter. 
So what's the new rule?
Multi-tasking.  Every step and trip to somewhere has a purpose, whether it's a run to the kitchen (grab that empty glass) or to the other side of the house (put important papers on the desk in my office).  Unless I would literally get nothing done...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What To Expect...

Once I heard the baby's heartbeat, I realized this was actually happening. I'm going to be a mom. This was what I wanted, right? To have a little person who was part my husband and part me. A family to have those noisy Christmas mornings, to love and hug. This was going to be awesome.
Somewhere around seven months, I realized something else. I was going to have to deliver this baby. Holy smoly, Batman. I kept trying to block it out, but, somewhere along the line in some form or another, this was going to be a reality.
Enter the birthing class. The funny thing about walking into a room full of expecting couples is that you suddenly see you aren't the only one who truly has no idea what is going to happen. And, oh how many ways it can happen.
To be honest, I don't get people who decide to not take a birthing class. If nothing else, I received the best massage from my baby daddy (that term makes me giggle, so I have to use it) during the relaxation technique portion. And on the other hand, I heard the pros and cons.
The really crazy part was taking all that knowledge back to work (remember there were FOUR of us expecting all within 4 months or so...) and freaking out with each other. About the pain. How we were going to try not to kill our husbands for doing what they did (ha!). The pain. What to pack...what to wear. The pain.
The waiting wasn't the worst part. It was talking about it. And that was also the best part. Because we all realized we weren't alone.
But I would be going first into the great unknown...
So the rule? You aren't alone. And it's fun to torture your fellow expecting ladies with your story after it's all said and done. *grin*

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Favorite Thing

I've always thought that people who say they love being pregnant are off their rocker. Who could possibly be happy about no caffeine, or a big ol' yummy Subway...or even a glass of wine? Not to mention having to buy new clothes as your waistline slowly disappears. Or expands even bigger. and how about the nauseousness that has the misnomer of "morning sickness"? (I suppose it's morning somewhere in the world at any time.)
Don't get me wrong. I liked being pregnant. But not for the reasons that most people probably did.
My favorite thing?
People were incredibly nice to me. In a time when people communicate mostly through technology (how many texts have you've gotten today?), you've got to be worried that one day, we won't know how to speak with one another face to face. Even today, road rage seeps it's way into what I like to call line rage. Let's face it. When you need to buy something, you usually have to stand in a line. Yet, every single time we get surprised that we have to wait in line and there aren't magical cashiers that pop up when we are ready to skedaddle. Then, the line rage takes over. Trust me, I see it every time my husband goes grocery shopping or we step in to Target.
But I digress...
Strangers weren't merely nice...they were happy for me (not counting those breastfeeding questions. I'm attempting to block those out of my mind.). They asked what I was having, when I was due (which was fine, until the lil man decided he wanted to bake longer than his timer said), if I had a name picked out (a few, but we were keeping them to ourselves...mostly), and if he was our first. All with smiles, congratulations, and wishes of luck.
Hmmm....this may just mean we still can talk to each other face to face. With a smile on our faces. Now, how can we get this to work during the Holidays. Or when my husband is waiting in line...