Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Frugal Mommy...Washing the Washer DIY

Our washer suddenly started having the fall funk...which was making that amazing laundry scent that gently wafts down the hall have a spooky monster mash kinda smell.

After Pinterest and Facebook research, my frugal mommy side decided that buying a "wash for ly washer" just seemed absolutely ridiculous, especially when I had the DIY ingredients right in my spookily decorated kitchen!

Armed with my big ol' jug o' white vinegar and box of baking soda, I marched dutifully into my laundry room (also noting the stalled state if my laundry room update, but more on that later!) prepared for battle.

Easy as one, two, three.

1.) Pour one cup vinegar in washer basin (or bleach dispenser), with a generous dash of baking soda (maybe a quarter cup). Bonus vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser.

2.) Select hot water, lowest water level.

3.) Start the washer, and enjoy the self cleaning of one thing in the house.

Told ya.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Oh Dem Bones! Jamberry Review

Time for myself is one of my most precious commodities, and add to that anything much beyond a shower is just about at the realm of impossibility.

But, with two lil dudes, money is still an issue. Cause diapers, fresh fruit (my boys loooove raspberries, and just about any other fruit they can get their lil hands on!), snacks, and three kinds of milk, money doesn't stretch as far as it used to. Luxuries are just that. Luxuries.

But, once in awhile, I love to paint my nails and polish my toes. However, that in and of itself is a huge task. Either I smudge as I go from picking up lil guy, getting juice/snacks, or breaking up the newest toy battle or I barely even get two painted in five minutes.

After being inundated with invites and being unknowingly included in various parties on Facebook and groups, I became anti-Jamberry. Not only did I become annoyed that everybody seemed to be using our "friend" status to try to sell me something, no one asked if I would be interested. They just assumed.

Fast forward six months...

Lately, I've finally found my I'm not just my mommy stride. Well, some days I do. Which means there are days when my hair actually gets brushed (and sometimes even styled!), a bit of makeup is applied, and even brushing my teeth after each meal...or snack.

I decided it was time. Or, I should day I saw a Jamberry design that I loooooved. An mandala (I yoga for sanity, health, and with my lil dudes!), which led to finally reaching out to a friend who touted the amazing results of Jamberry and was a consultant. A habitual nail biter, which I often witnessed firsthand, she actually had nails (for her, anyway!) even though she ran an at home daycare that looked pretty good even after a few days.

I broke down after seeing the super adorable Halloween offerings and ordered. I had planned to treat myself to a pedicure, so four sheets were about the same. Plus, to be honest, I rarely enjoy a pedicure...too much on my to do list to sit still that long and make small talk.

They arrived..and sat waiting for some action for more than two weeks. I admit, I was intimidated due to my polish with lil dudes experience. But, yesterday, I gave in. Mostly because Halloween is just a few weeks away and didn't want to have wasted them.

And, after a bit of a shaky start due to a bit of caffeine (I drink a cup of half caff once in awhile), I successfully used a hair dryer, scissors, cuticle stick, and nail file to apply six spooky nail designs along with polishing the four extras with a quick drying metallic OPI nail lacquer.

Side note...the nail lacquer already chipped once. Sigh.

Easy, once I figured it out. And insanely adorable. Plus, I felt a bit like me again...which only makes mommy even more ready to take on the day!

Only two days in, but with the endless hand washing, baking, toy fixing, and battery changing, not a problem in sight.

I kinda like you, Jamberry. And Dem Bones.

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