Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tis The Season For Hostess Gifts!

I always have a secret stash of ready to go gifts at my fingertips. Alright, maybe not right at my fingertips, but at least in a convenient place. You never know, especially during the holiday season, when you'll need a little something.

Traditionally, hostess gifts have been things such as a bottle of wine. While I still like the idea, I know that not everyone enjoys a glass or they may serve it that evening (if it works with the food!). For me, I like the gift to last beyond that night, to remind the person that I appreciate the effort they put in.

I have a friend that has a cute guest bathroom that she has recently renovated, so before heading over to her pre-holiday very mini shindig, I searched my stash...and found the perfect little gift.

Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap looks stylish and has a wonderful fragrance that fills the air even after...I picked Heirloom Pear from the Fresh Picked line not only because I adore the scent, but it could work for the remainder of fall and into winter when and if she doesn't want to use her holiday soaps! Plus, the foam version doesn't clog up the nozzle like the other versions.

It was just a little something to say thank you. And I may have brought cake balls. Because who doesn't love a little cake and chocolate?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Things I Love...Hot Apple Cider

A steamy hot mug in your grasp, warming your fingers and filling your senses with delicious aromas. Especially on a morning with first snow covering the ground. Sigh.

And, since caffeine is out of the picture for a few more months (no Ho Ho Mint Mochas...caffeinated, anyway), this was a perfect opportunity to visit a happy memory of my mom. Hot Apple cider (in fact, this exact brand!!) was our special treat, and only in late fall/early winter.

A season full of warm fuzzies and happy memories. All from a simple mug.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Christmas Time Is Near...Oy!! Need Presents Soon!!

Not to complain, but it suddenly hit me that it is almost Christmas time. And I have a two year old. Oy.

Sadly, the place that has been my second home for fifteen years has...well, not grown with me. Unfortunately, my former full time turned part time job isn't as mommy/pregnancy friendly as I had hoped. Which translates to no extra (though incredibly tiny!!!) spending mula.

What's a stay at home mama to do? (Besides teaching bellydance twice a week, of course.) Sell her extra clutter on eBay.

Truthfully, I've thought about a yard sale, but 1.) It's way past the season, and 2.) Most of what I have may just be above yard sale price. I know this, because I occasionally hit a few myself, and know that most people are intense bargain shoppers. Plus, who doesn't like shopping in their nice warm home with a steamy mug of goodness either on their phone or computer?

I'm a creature of comfort.

So, officially today, I am attempting to sort through the office that has become more storage than office/practice space, and seeing how much holly jolly I can find.

Wish me luck.