Friday, October 19, 2012

This Busy Mommy's Favorites

Motherhood has taught me a few things.

My kitchen seems to amplify every noise, no matter how significant.  Especially during the nap time.  Also, I'd like to somehow turn the dingy bell thing on my microwave off.  It is way too loud, even if it tells me when the popcorn is ready.

Time may not be money, but it is precious.  Prioritizing is as important as multi-tasking.  And showering is sometimes an option, but it allows you to take a jammies day once in a while.

And when I find something I love, as a mommy, I find that I get that much more excited about it.

And so, here is my first of many...

Soda in a can and a box of cake mix is so moist and yummy and EASY!  Plus, Dr. Pepper makes a kick booty cupcake.  (Just mix and bake as directed.  Awesome. For reals.)