Monday, July 2, 2012

Smile! Or, Not?

So much to do, so little time.  Which is why I take so many pictures of baby boy.  Everyone will tell you they grow so fast, and they are right!!!
The big question then, invest in a new fancy digital SLR (which I selfishly want to maybe replace my Nikon SLR that I still adore - real film will always have my heart), or suck it and get a new cell phone.  Because, let's face it, two years is forever in technology years.
And, it's here. (With a bigger memory than the old one, that has almost two hundred pictures and twenty videos capturing my cutie pie's growth from a little peanut to my lil dude who waddles with that adorable baby walk!!)
The issue?  I have digital camera.  It's the boy, you see.  Suddenly he has adopted this cheesy I have three bottom teeth huge grin and squinty eye picture face, obviously from the flash.
My problem?  I'm still slow getting used to the features on my new phone so every picture is, well, interesting but not adorable.
Practice is perfect, I suppose.  And there's always that camera on my wish list.

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