Monday, November 12, 2012

The To Do List

I love to do lists.  There are days when my to do list has a to do list.  But, as a mom, I find my to do lists have become more of a wish lists or what I wish I could to do list.
So, I've resorted to adding silly things on  my to do list just to make myself feel like I've accomplished something.
Like, eat breakfast.  But, days, even this seems a monumental task to accomplish. 
Or brush my teeth.  Feed the dog.  Change the baby's diaper.
Once a check of these obvious and easily done tasks, the other items seem less daunting.  I mean, half my list is checked off, so the rest should be easy, right?
Pencils have also become important.  They allow me to be flexible.  But sometimes, I purposefully use a permanent marker so that I can see myself revising my lists.  To remind myself to be flexible, and it is okay if things have to get moved around.
Most importantly, the to do list is living list.  By this, I mean that it can go on to the following day...and the next.
Because my favorite to do item?
Enjoy my little boy every single moment.  And tickle time.