Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Road To Running: Rain or Shine

My body has the crazy idea that maybe I need to take care of myself. Unfortunately, I don't listen well, if at all. This means I need the message delivered LOUD AND CLEAR.

If you've read any of my Disney revelation blog, you know some of this. But I'm pretty sure I really haven't let on just how bad it had gotten. Last Spring, my life was in a crazy constant tumble of insanity. As a mom to two adorable, active, and at times spirited little boys under the age of five, life was a nonstop journey of overwhelming activities that made me feel like I was forever on a hamster wheel dedicated to never-ending catching up. I was neglecting myself, my marriage (I kept forgetting how lucky and loved I was, and my frustrations made me stressed which definitely hindered my communication ability), but giving what I thought was my energy to my sons. Then, my feet started to hurt. Just a tinge here and there, especially after wearing a certain pair of really cute sandals. What I didn't know then was that I was developing a horrendous case of plantar fasciitis in both feet that would hinder my ability to walk for almost a year.

It became so bad that I had to seek medical advice. I stopped doing my favorite things (yoga, dance, walking, biking, playing soccer with my five year old) way before it got bad, but now I couldn't even attempt any of these things withour excruciating pain. An older ankle ligament injury became aggravated, doubling the pain. Not fun.

So, I started physical therapy. Ice, tons of ice! Rest (which made me so insane), new shoes (running shoes that took forever to find ones that gave me what I needed), and tons of yoga. To calm my crazy mind, and gently strengthen my body. My weight had started to climb up due to my lack of activity, but I knew if I could somehow get myself healthy and less stressed the journey back would be worth it.

So, I started walking after my son's bus picked him up with a fellow mom (who has since moved away) rain, snow, or shine. I learned to tape my injuries when needed, and started having movie nights with my family. I shared my fears with my husband, who hugged me, listened to me, and encouraged me.

Then, we went to Disney.

Life changing.

I began a Baby Steps to a 5k program, and I signed up for my first 5k. Every morning, without fail (weekends became optional so that my husband and I could work on our dream business) I walked briskly, knowing that slow and steady would be best for my body.

Then I found the Galloway Method and intervals!

To be continued....

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Mother's Day For The Newbie Runner

Since this mommy has found her way back to running (and let's face it, running with my golden is an entirely different proposition than a 5k...or more!), and Mothers Day is just a few days away, I thought I'd share my last minute musts any newbie running mommy would adore!!

I love my Flip Belt. My runs usually take place after my five year gets on the bus, and the lil dude us in the stroller. Not only does my Flip Belt help with tracking steps and keeping the app up to date (steps don't record when I put my phone in the stroller...i learned the hard way!), but I stopped dropping things. Which meant I stopped stopping to pick up the things I dropped which also slowed me down. And, I can carry my iPod, keys...a snack. Or a Hot Wheel to stave off any tears! And, I found this super easy fitness tracker (I even bought one for the five year old!) And wireless earphones in the Target Deal Spot! So, easy mom gifts for under $45!!

BEST HAIR TIES EVER!! These braided elastics are easy to use (no cutting off your circulation while doing the pony or mom bun!), and two to three twists are perfect for a thick ponytail on your morning run.

Raw Threads are my new favorite running attire. Eco friendly and Run Disney ready, plus so many styles and themes if your not into Mouse Magic!

My two favorite mom mini spa treatments. Keratin hair masque (I have tons of hair, and this is my all time favorite deep conditioning treatment!) And who doesn't have puffy eyes cause #momlife?? Caffeine and a cooling roller applicator takes care of that!

And this, just because. Post run treat, or late night indulgence. It's low cal, protein packed, and dare I say DELICIOUS?

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there. We got this. And hopefully, you get some of this!

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Frugal Mommy Disney Planning: Disney World Within Reach

I'm pretty sure it's obvious I love taking my boys to Disney. And given the fact that they are checking wait times daily for their favorite attractions, it's a pretty good bet they love it, too. It's magical.

I discovered this little gem, and just by following one simple tip for Target gift
cards, I've saved $55 that I'm putting towards our upcoming December trip in JUST ONE WEEK. There are so many more tips that my mind is blown, land really excited to dig in to this book.

My family loves the magic of being at Walt Disney World, of the time we get to spend together, and the memories are priceless.

It definitely costs more than I care to admit, and while I wish I could say money doesn't matter, it does.

I'll keep you all updated as I forge ahead with my money saving strategies.

(Please note this is an affiliate link, but the book and all materials were purchased from the fabulous mom author LJ by myself!)

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Clean All The Fruit! Frugal Mom Tip

In the realm of declutter,  reduce the chemicals (not that they're all evil), and in the name of frugality  (two mortgages and diapers!!!), a few years ago, I began researching alternatives and methods for everyday cleaning and being more kid friendly.

That's when I discovered the amazing, everyday, multipurpose products I already had in my pantry. (Side note, the word pantry always makes me kinda giggle and I'm really not sure why!) Warning, Pinterest will boggle your mind with endless lists of the ways you can use ordinary and extraordinary staples, but really, if you're like me, you need the shortened version. The hope, no matter how small, of having an extra ten seconds to take the world's fastest shower is incredibly important.  Especially with two little ones, who just might, if you're extremely lucky, nap at the same time.  Of course, you'll probably end up doing something just as important as well. Like laundry or the dishes, because they will never truly be done. Neverending cycle of family life, laundry and dishes.

But, that is not the awesomeness of this's all about apple cider vinegar.

First off, let me tell you, I like salad. But, smelling salad dressing-like fragrances isn't my favorite. Some people actually love the smell. Me? Not so much.

But, as a fruit and veggie cleaner? Fabulous!!! Yep, clean up the produce with apple cider vinegar...just put a few tablespoons or so diluted in water and soak your produce of choice for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse.


And, if you get fruit flies? Even easier...I use a container from something like Whole Foods Mango Pineapple Salsa (my newest obsession!!!!), poke a few holes in the lid and pour apple cider vinegar about halfway up then watch (or not!) the flies fly right on in to stay. The lid contains the smell (which, as we know, isn't my favorite) and keeps the containment easy to dispose of.

Voila!! Clean produce, and fruit flies be gone!!!

Disney Magic And The Crazy Mommy

The past two Decembers, my family journeyed to the most magical place on Earth.

Not Hawaii. That's one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Not Venice, though it feels pretty darn magical. I speak from experience here as I've visited both places.

I'm talking Magic With The Mouse.

Walt Disney World.

With my little ones, who are now 3 and 5.

Now, I've been to Disneyland (or, the Land, as it is sometimes referred to). That was a crazy land in Cali, no shower, six hour flight then straight to the park at 6 p.m. only to be fooled about Splash Mountain's fun at any other time drop by my future husband and his dad.  Needless to say, I have very dim memories of being rushed through the park that October. Except for that ride (because we have the moment of said drop forever frozen in time and documented by the Land, including my look of terror and utter hot mess post-flight self), and the Indiana Jones ride. Loved that one.

Fast forward many years later (we did get engaged in our Anaheim hotel...and not on the beach in Malibu, but sigh...), and we are happily married with two lil dudes. Perfect time for a family vacation!

My husband had taken family vacations down to Walt Disney World with his family when he was younger, which at that time included a fabulously long road trip (once in a trans am...or was that California? I always get those mixed up when they tell the story) with his mom and little sister.  We are not that adventurous, and opted for flying the friendly skies. Approximately two hours versus hours and hours and hours driving south?  Flying every time!

And this past time was incredibly magical.

Like any mom, I'm overwhelmed. I'm happy. I'm embroiled in a messy mix of pure happiness, anxiety, stress, giggles, gratitude, exhaustion, accomplishment...the list goes on and on. And the past year was especially filled with struggles. My feet decided to rebel on me, and I developed plantar fasciitis in one foot, while the other had a flair up from an ankle injury I incurred during my first pregnancy due to the stress of the pf. Not fun. Walking was painful, let alone running around with two very active little dudes. My life is a series of crazy juggling of things, and the things I loved to do (dance, working out, running around with my boys, standing!) were near to impossible.

And we were going to WDW. Where walking is an endless activity.

Long story short, I finally started to find what my body obviously needed (the right shoes for me SO IMPORTANT, time for yoga, breathing!) to counterbalance the years of working in heels on a marble floor.

When we were at Disney, I suddenly felt lighter, happier, and dare I say, magical? Despite the fact my husband was miserable with the virus the rest of us were getting over, we had the most relaxed and wonderful time. I felt lighter, no pain in my feet even after hours of walking all day long. Of course, I had my trusty foot roller (which made TA really interesting, and full of laughs!!), but really I think the best part was the abundance of water I was drinking (I mean, I know how important it is to keep hydrated but had been seriously slacking of late), restful sleep (ah, mommy happiness!!), healthy eating (we aren't big dine out people, and stayed in a place that had a full kitchen) everyday, and YOGA!!!!!

The atmosphere at Disney, of course helped! The wonder and happiness in my boys' faces at every moment was just what a stressed out mommy needed.

When I came home, I knew that I had to figure out how to keep those feelings alive.

And so, my Disney Journey has begun. I've learned tips, tricks, and best of all, how to keep my memories alive everyday while at home.

And, I've begun running again!! Cause, you know a princess can run to the Castle, join the Rebellion, or even Wine and Dine at Epcot.  #RUNDISNEYGOALS

(photo copyright A. Jakstas)

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dreaming Of Disney

I sit here in the pouring rain, waiting patiently for my kindergartner to get dropped off at the bus stop, and try to desperately not let the pouring rain damper my already dampened mood. The road construction through our development has made the drop off wait anywhere from 15 to 60 longer than usual.  And while I can't wait to have a new street with less off road flare, it's caused havoc on our routine. (And our bus driver is kinda awesome, which meant the times I mention picking up my lil dude usually ends up with tearful pleas not too do so.)

This leads to me a few things I made myself finally realize.


As in, done waiting for the right time, things to "be in place" so that I can get my dreams and goals achieved. I plan, daydream, but then I let the world overtake me. You know what I mean. Push the things that make me happy, challenge me, and generally are mine to the back burner so that I can mom, wife, work. It's ridiculous. 


This past fall, I started walking everyday after my son jumped on the bus in the morning, pushing my youngest who was two in his stroller. I met a fellow mom whose daughter was in his class just down the street from us, and we walked. She was my catalyst, calling me put for trying to beg off on rainy or cold days. I learned to suck it up, buttercup! This turned into counting steps (thanks, Samsung Health!), and made me really feel energized.

But here's the kicker. I spend way too much time on my phone (Facebook especially!!), or watching tv.

There were days, though that I rarely turn on the tv, which ended up being my happiest! Putting the phone down actually let me accomplish laundry AND yoga!!

So, that's the deal. I'm DONE. I know I need my phone for my fitness tracker, etsy selling, email for my at home job, but I'm going to set up times just for checking in. And stick to them.

And blog more! My endless Disney tips, frugal mommy tips, and hot mess madness.  I ran my first 5k this past weekend!!!

This summer, my five year old and I are running Run Disney Virtual 5k shorts, and I've convinced the husband if we can sell our second mortgage house that maybe, just maybe, we will run the castles soon. Grandpa's already convinced.

So, here's to Disney Dreaming. And making your own Pixie Dust!!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

All the Leggings!! Lularoe, What??

Seriously. I'm in trouble.

I resist most Facebook fads, if only because it's a bit crazy how many people have begun direct sales blitz via their Facebook page and every single mom/garage/sell it pages with how amazing Beach Body/It Wraps/Wrinkle Cream/Jamberry (which I actually like, cause, well Disney and lace sugar skull wraps!!). Part of me wishes that social media would stay, well, social...and then there's the part that's pretty amazed at how it can be used to make a difference in people's lives.

Now, the whole Lularoe phenom? It, from the outside anyway, looks like just another direct sales pitch...and I have a few friends that have been trying for months to get me to try these "amazing leggings" over and over. The mom groups? Even worse, because then there's pop ups happening all over the place.

I blame them all. Because they were right.

One month ago, I attended a workshop (yep, this mommy bellydances!), and in the midst of trying to not swear like a trucker while squat insanity, one of my newest friends (also trying to keep it clean) asked if tried them yet. (She had just started being a rep, if that's the might be more appropriate....and had commented on her cute leggings to distract myself!) I told her no (it came out more as a grunt, but she understood). The next day, she brought me two pairs, said to try them on for size (one size and tall/curvy) and keep the one I liked. As a freebie.

I took them home (yep, we had four days of exquisite torture.. look up Salimpour School...for real. Hard core bellydance technique insanity!), tried them both on. And swore. Cause they were so comfy, cute...and yes, buttery. Solids, but I didn't care. I also discovered I could wear either (which I know from my fifteen plus years of retail experience applied to the larger cut in prints cause they can either run small, or you don't want to stretch the design as much)...

Then I discovered what a unicorn is. These were mine, and the reason this really started. (I noticed that friend was a rep, and asked her about it. Gateway. Just sayin.)

Then you find out why there are UNICORNS. You see, the elusive print you fall in love with isn't as easy to find as you think. Each rep doesn't order from a catalog, or have the ability to order a specific print. Each print is a limited run (I've seen anywhere from 2500 to 5000 on different sites), and once it's gone, it's gone. This is a double edged sword as the rep never knows what she's getting when she orders, say 100 TC leggings...but it does put competition low on the totem pole and in line with the company's values.

So, now I'm in seven groups, because the only ways you can purchase these buttery, addictive things online is through Facebook pop up sales in the rep's group page, or at a local pop up on location.


So, now, I sneak away from my family, searching for the unicorn prints I want (😂 and get those looks from my husband!), search eBay (and have my jaw drop at the prices some of the most sought after pieces sell for...but it's a great place to browse for prints you want!), and try to get the mail before anyone else.

I'm afraid to count how many I have, and there are a few mystery pairs that are going to be given as presents, but they are fantastic for everyday wear, a bit dressed up (go on Pinterest and you'll see!), or for yoga and, yes, bellydance.

Happy hunting!

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