Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mommy Rules...First Installment

As a new mom, I think I've experienced the ups and downs with a touch of humour, the realization that I can't so it all, and the happiness that comes when you figure that one little thing out each and every day.
Like, how can I possibly shower when I'm running around like a crazy person after a nine month old?  How do I feed myself when all I do is feed the baby?  And how the heck can I keep up with this whole bloggarooni thing when I can't eat or shower?!?!?!
Then I found the answer...nap time. 
And the blog?  I plan on sharing my new little discoveries that make my life hope?  Not that I'm re-inventing the wheel, but that I can shed a little light on the craziness that any new mom faces.  If one person finds one thing (even if it's me!!) that helps make life more about the giggles, then so be it.  Mission accomplished!

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