Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Try A Little Compassion...

I've been that mom. You know the one. She's trying desperately to calm her two year old while hoping the three month old stays asleep peacefully.

I often wonder when and why we loose our compassion. At one point, every parent has had a similar moment. In very simple terms, a two year old (or a three month old, for that matter) does not have the capacity to understand why some things happen. Patience really isn't an option for them, because they're still figuring these things put. And it isn't their fault, or their mother's.

If I can, I try to schedule outings around naps, meal times, or "Frozen" viewings. But, there are times when I just have to do an errand (like the dreaded I thought daddy picked up diapers last, or we need dinner NOW). And, though I try to keep my little ones happy, sometimes they don't find errands as exciting as the zoo or a choo choo ride. The best case scenario would be to leave, maybe because they are tired or just don't like the snacks mommy has packed for our trip. But, sometimes things just have to get done.

Remember, these are little young ones who have little patience, and parents who are, more often than not, doing their best. When someone makes a snide remark, I often try to hold my tongue because they don't really know how my day has been. However, I have said something at times, met sometimes with compassion and sadly without understanding.

The compassion I've recently learned, is contagious...scientifically proven. So, the next time you see that mom trying her best or that two year old crying...try a smile. It might make both of your days better.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Price Matching Diaper Dilemma

A friend shared a post on my Facebook this morning. It seems Dollar General's ad had Pampers Swaddlers, any size any count, for only $9.50. And, with Walmart's price match policy, someone had decided to share this to help all her fellow monmies out.

What!!??? Too good to be true? Kind of.

First off, a quick call to my closest Walmart and I'm told I have to physically have the ad, and I can't have it on my phone.


Hmmm...I do a quick check, mostly because I don't want to take two little ones under the age of three in and have an issue, and look up Walmart's price match policy on their website.

No ad needed, just tell the cashier. As long as the item has the size, etc, stated in the ad. All sizes, all counts. It's stated pretty clear. ALL PAMPERS SWADDLERS ALL SIZES ALL COUNTS.


I call the store back, and tell them what I read on their site. After being put on hold for a few minutes, I'm told it is Pampers Swaddlers Jumbo pack. I hang up, do some more investigating.

Jumbo really isn't what you think. Jumbo sounds fabulous, right? Not so much. Around, given the size, twenty or so diapers. Which they have at $8.97.

Gee, what a deal. I call their customer service line, to which I'm told that ad doesn't specifically state a size or quantity. Which, it does. ALL.

Evidently, not good enough for Walmart. (Really, I can buy different amounts of cherries, for example, and get a price match...I know, per pound, but I choose how much I want.)

I check with my absolute favorite store, Target. In this case, Target (after four different phone calls, one of which I'm told they don't price match?) does not price match with non-competitors.

What?? Dollar General carries many of the same things, right?

Now, I will say, I'm not so "mad" at Target. My Red Card helps out, plus their clearance deals are awesome, plus they pile on discounts especially with the Cartwheel app. (Even if I don't get a signal in the store to check, I love browsing the offers before I go in and just pull up my code). The customer service I've received at my local store has always been above and beyond. For real.

But, Walmart? They have disappointed me so many times in the past that I'm really stand off-ish with them. But, I've heard so many great things about their price matching...until now. Admittedly, I buy my Rachel Ray Nutrish dog food there because I can't find it anywhere else.

Funny thing, a friend went to the same store I called, where a letter was posted next to the supposed Jumbo size that they were honoring it for this size...at their regular lower price. She grabbed a two hundred count, showed the cashier the ad on her phone, and got the deal.

I kind of get it...it is an awesome deal, and giving your customers this deal would just kill their sales. Or something. (Insert sarcasm) But, I can say that the mixed message makes me wonder who cares about customer service? The cashier obviously did.

I'm a stay at home mom, with two little ones. Diapers aren't cheap. Neither is everything else a baby needs (or mommy) that I always seem to buy along with diapers.

Guess I'll stick to Target (and may Cartwheel coupon layering!) and hope to find that cashier if I ever go to Walmart.

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