Monday, August 4, 2014


Almost four months ago, my little guy made his appearance in this world. It was one of the scariest moments of my life, mostly due to fact that things really didn't go as easy as anyone would have liked. But, now, and in fact soon after hr made his appearance, things were wonderful. I had a healthy baby boy, and the complications that arose head during labor were quickly forgotten.

Over time, the welts around his neck and my arm from the blood pressure cuff faded, and we went home a few days later. But, those sixty pounds I gained during pregnancy were still there, minus lil guy, of course. They remimded me every single time I tried to find something to wear, telling myself that it took nine months to get to this point. Patience. I was happy except those little moments I caught sight of myself in the mirror, or when people would ask when the baby was due the first time I went out to get groceries.

But, I knew that I was on the right path...drinking plenty of water, breastfeeding (yay for happy hormones, healthy baby and mommy!), eventually taking walks, and resuming (slowly) my yoga and bellydance routine.

Fast forward to now...I'm down over fifty pounds, with only fifteen or so to go. I'm happy with my progress, and even more elated to be wearing real jeans and maxi skirts, not maternity pants or dresses. Although, some of my maternity dresses are still my favorites.

Here's my issue. Suddenly, at least three people/friends on Facebook are posting almost non-stop about the 21 Day Fix, or Beach Body every day, if not two or three times a day.
I'm happy if this is working for you, or you're able to support your family with you're new career choice. Seriously, I am. Most of these women are hard working moms trying to make a better life for their families (which we all do!!).

I've realized that some people simply cannot focus enough on things on their own, and there is nothing wrong with that. We know that diet and exercise together is the way to go. Some people need someone to help them with that, and to support them.

For me, it isn't just about losing weight. Healthy is my goal. Yes, I love cupcakes, but I know I can't eat a plateful and feel good about myself. (I will have one, though...)
It isn't just about exercise for the body; my mind and spirit need their time, too. And, most of these programs use dvds, without actual instruction from a person who can make sure you won't hurt you miss the chance to be around other people who can also motivate and inspire you.

Just not for me.

So, I'm doing my own challenge...and it is going to be awesome.

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