Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Speaking Of Goats

Quite possibly the most terrifying decision I've ever made started with a little buzz in my ear. Not only was this a life changer for me, it would change everything for another person. Never had the maternal mommy bug bite me in all the years I interacted with my beautiful and sassy niece. Who screamed her head off when she was only a few days old when placed into my arms. And, consequently, I never picked her up until she was a year old. And even then, I cringed inwardly hoping she wouldn't wail and permanently damage my hearing.

When I began to feel a little itch (oddly enough, a large part sprung from the fact I thought my husband would make the best and sexiest baby daddy ever), I had conversations with myself about how to broach the subject with my hottie husband.

Of course, I did what any grown woman would do. I let Jack Daniel's join the party. And when the courage was running through our veins, I asked him if he wanted to have babies with me. (I'm sure it was slurring and somewhat coherent.)

Being the sweet loving husband he is, he said of course. If that was what I wanted. (Obviously, he was afraid the next morning I would be all like, wha?)

Fast forward a few weeks later...driving around a beautiful parkway in our area, we were passing a house that had a few horses and baby goats. I have a huge weakness for animals, and baby animals make me melt. And then he said it.

"So, speaking of goats...do you really want to start trying to have a baby?"

Speaking of goats?

I have to say, I loved it. Silly romantic that I am, I thought it was a cute way to make me giggle and still let the unsaid have its say.

The rule? Communication is key. Even when it comes to goats.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Work Life Balance

Like anyone else, I struggle with achieving that one thing that is whispered (or proclaimed loudly) by the company they work for.
Work Life Balance.
That mythical legend that your company wants you to be happy and help you have that happiness and balance that we all strive for. You know, the ability to provide for your family (no matter if that family is the two of you, includes furry members, or lil ones running around underfoot.)
So imagine my dismay when a co-worker opened her mouth and pretty much threw that whole thought out the window.
But first, a little background. Working full time in retail management has its benefits...the schedule isn't nine to five, the pace ensures there's never a dull moment, and I get the added benefit of, at times, feeling like I've helped someone feel better about themselves.
I usually get my schedule a month in advance, which means I can easily schedule my life (bellydancing, teaching, yoga, and all that other fun stuff).
Until someone decides to change things around in your carefully orchestrated life and...not tell you. The first time, I let it slide, adjusted things myself. But, as you can guess, you give someone an inch they tend to take a mile.
The above mentioned co-worker is responsible for inputting the schedules into a program that helps to generate the remainder of the associated schedule week by week. After changing things up started to become a habit, I went to her, just to say if she asked me in advance, I could let her know if a change worked for me (because I've always tried to be flexible and not rock the boat.).
Long story short, the conversation ended up with a discussion which included if I had a family with all the scheduling and juggling that inevitably occurs and, the response from her...oy...that I couldn't have a family and work in my job.
I was floored. Now, this person and I are on the same level, she's not my boss, and I knew for a fact that she had plans to start a family after her wedding later that year.
And so, once again, I was faced with one of those supposed rules that I find absolutely ridiculous.
I hadn't even decided to plunge into the deep end of the pool and already someone is trying to tell me what I can and can't do.
I'll make my own work life balance...

Friday, July 8, 2011

What Rules?

As a soon to be mom (gee, it still looks surreal when I see that word applied to me!!!), the one thing that always seemed to get under my skin is the "you'll never be able to (insert past time, vacation destination, power nap, etc here)."


I get it. Truly. Things will change. And I've waited until I knew I was ready (I should say we, because after all, this whole undertaking is a partnership. And I adore the husband.). After all, I've seen friends go through this, and heaven knows, I've watched the poor moms dealing with screaming children who just don't get why they have to be out and about when they'd rather be sleeping, playing, eating, crawling.

But who wrote these rules, and why do we feel like we have to follow them?

Hence, this blog. At least for me. What better way to make my own rules and work them through them?

But, there is the fear that someone out there may feel the need to tell me what I'm doing is wrong or that I don't get it. So, please realize that all the blubbering and craziness may just be a snap shot and take it for what it is.

Rule #1...Take it for what it is. If you can change it, great. If not, eh. Take it for what it is and move on.