Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014

What EBay Selling As A Mom Has Taught Me

Since I've decided to stay home with my little ones, I've had to find ways to make up partly for the full time salary I once had coming in. (Still have to pay for those pre-many Coach purses and silly shoes I'll probably never wear again!)

That being said, besides teaching three times a week, I've been selling various things on eBay. And, I've learned so much about what that means, especially about eBay and values I want to teach my boys.

1.) You can never tell what people will buy. Make-up samples and freebies (like the free gift eye shadow that you've never used!), back issues of magazines, even coupons are money makers. Well, not big time, but every little dollar counts.

2.) Always be up front about flaws. People will appreciate honesty, and describe and take advantage of those twelve pictures. Even so, people might be mad at their own decision and regret it later...which leads me to...

3.) Communication. I truly have the belief that most people want to do the right thing by others, especiallye. If you have a problem, don't leave feedback that blindsides a seller. For example, I sold a "gift certicate"/coupon (the wording on the item, not mine!) for $1.99 plus shipping for Udder Covers, Faraway Canopy, etc. and clearly stated that shipping (as stated on the offers) wasn't free. It sold over a month ago for $1.99 plus my shipping cost. The buyer just left neutral feedback that shipping was $90 for four items, and I had ripped them off! I personally own two of these and purchased them with the same offers and it didn't cost me more the twenty. But, this person not only never contacted me (for a $1.99 item), but made it seem I RIPPED THEM OFF!! Well, I sent a message to them, offering a refund even though they received it as described and said I would've gladly worked with them had they COMMUNICATED WITH ME. No reply as of yet...and sadly, eBay protects sellers very little in situations like this.

3.) People are cheaper than you think. See above. Unfortunately, even for a $1.99, people would rather let their frustration out on you than simply ask a question. But, hey, I love a great deal, so that doesn't really bother me...

4.) As sad as I was to see my boys outgrow their "bananas over mommy" outfit, I'm happy that some other little munchkin will get to wear it. Even if I only get 5% of what I paid for it.

5.) Shipping items takes time, money, and sometimes costs more than you think. The time is the hardest part, especially with little ones.

4.) You have to spell everything out clearly. Which takes even more time. Listing items is somewhat easy, but in no way fast.

5.) Somethings just won't sell, or won't sell for as much as you'd like. Save those things for garage sales, or better yet, donate them.

6.) Don't take feedback personally. I'm trying really hard with this one, because I feel like it is personal. When it is positive, go for it. But I'm your heart if you know you've done the right thing, realize that some people are just bitter or upset and are taking it out in you.

Sigh...and, try not to check your phone in the middle of the night so that you won't be upset enough to write a blog post like this...

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Beg To Differ, My Friend.

Recently, a somewhat good friend of ours published a note on her Facebook page. Overwhelmed with turning forty, as well as a series of small mishaps that culminated ion her son taking the leap of acquiring his driver's license and being told she was feeling sudden "empty nest" syndrome, she decided to put her emotions to words.

Words that she probably felt were filled with poetic wisdom that would make fellow mothers in their daily plight of overwhelming happenstances.

Thus enters the dangers of generalizing for the masses, but most especially for women.

The long and the short of it, this hopefully well meaning friend made her point of not living for your children who wouldn't need you forever or always. To have your own identity outside of your children,band not be so wrapped up in them that they are your life.

Well, I am here to tell you (in the words and wisdom of Prince) there's something else. As in, I don't think so, my friend.

While I somewhat agree with her sentiment (ok, barely), her process simply doesn't work. At least in my situation. You see, I had a well paying, exciting, and empowering full time position that allowed me the opportunity to spoil myself, while providing a roof and the necessities of life. Including a Coach bag/accessory collection/addiction, shoes of every style and color, MAC/bare minerals/Nars beauty product addictions, comic book/fan girl collections, just to name a few. Oh, and the ability to take a few tribal bellydance classes here and there.

Then, baby boy number one makes his appearance. My heart, much like the Grinch (not that I'm Grinch-like!) grew and grew. Those beautiful brown eyes stared up at me, sometimes glaring, and I just knew this little guy would forever change my life. That wonderful job? I suddenly knew that coming home crying more often than not, being pitted against my other female coworkers like a scene from Mean Girls, and eight to ten hours on my feet in heels was simply not worth it any longer. I couldn't imagine an hour without seeing that face or letting someone else witness all his firsts.

And I knew, more than anything, I needed to set the example for him and be the best that me that I could possibly be. Which meant no more full time, crazy scheduled, results focused job that did nothing to fulfill my life.

I knew this little man would be my life, and the joy he gave me was so much more than that. It was courage to take a leap of faith, and be the me I was truly meant to be.

Then, number two made his appearance (much faster than we had thought!), and now my days are filled with loving these two little boys who are my everything (with their daddy, of course!). Family. Love. Even with the challenges (some days, we live in our jammies), every moment of happiness laced with a small amount of insanity is worth so much more than I ever believed possible. In finding that kind of love, I've discovered how to take care of myself and dare to dream again.

Then there's the whole notion that your children will stop needing you.

I call B.S.

Right now, and almost every moment of every day, especially since the bundles of crazy insane joy have arrived, I need my mom. With an aching in my heart, I think of her. But she's not able to be with us. I know she looks in, and there are times when I just know she is there.

I've never stopped needing her. Ever.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Teething and the Mommy

I'm not complaining. Truly. Taking things for granted lost its appeal a long, long time ago. I have two beautiful healthy boys, and a wonderful husband. Somehow, we are scraping by with one steady income so that I can be home with my munchkins. Well, scraping and trying to pull a huge boulder uphill, but two mortgages isn't helping.

But, that doesn't mean I don't want to yell...er, gently wake my husband up on nights like today. But, since he's been working six days a week plus side work on a house we are renovating with my father-in-law, I'm suppressing the crazy voice and keeping it all in my head. And maybe on my blog.

As a "stay at home mom" (I really detest what that implies...no lazy days for any of us, I assure you!!), I try to keep up my part of the bargain. Little guy, being five months old, is all mine at night, and sometimes all day. Our two year old loves tickle time, so the two and a half hours before bedtime he spends laughing away with daddy. I'm fine with that.

But, the last two days have been a handful. I'm not just a stay at home mom. I teach bellydance, which sounds like fun (it is!) but also involves planning and practice, considering I have three to four various classes or private lessons a week. And...little guy is teething. Which basically means he only wants to sleep on mommy.

Bedtime begins at eight, with all rituals drawing to a slumbering close about forty-five or so minutes later.

Not tonight. For me, anyways.

Right now, I'm holding my five month old with his drool (he's so adorable I can't stand it...unless he was sleeping in his crib, then I would cry exhausted tears of joy for both of us) because every single time I put him down, he let's me know how awesome his lung capacity is. So, I'm in a recliner while daddy and the two year old are sleeping on my comfy bed.

Just once, it would be nice, after the past two days I've had (where I've made amazing home cooked meals, I might add) if daddy would get up for just a few scant moments. I know he has to get up at 4:15, so I would totally usher him back to bed. But it would be the gesture. Sigh.

I know it won't happen. And, 99.9999% I'm totally fine with that. But, tonight, I was really looking forward to my snuggley warm bed. At a decent time before the lil man crawled in and took over my half.

Did I mention I have my in-laws coming over tomorrow? And we know there's no way that two little ones will nap at same time so mommy can catch a few winks.

But, looking down and seeing my precious baby boy snuggled up makes it worth it.

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Monday, August 4, 2014


Almost four months ago, my little guy made his appearance in this world. It was one of the scariest moments of my life, mostly due to fact that things really didn't go as easy as anyone would have liked. But, now, and in fact soon after hr made his appearance, things were wonderful. I had a healthy baby boy, and the complications that arose head during labor were quickly forgotten.

Over time, the welts around his neck and my arm from the blood pressure cuff faded, and we went home a few days later. But, those sixty pounds I gained during pregnancy were still there, minus lil guy, of course. They remimded me every single time I tried to find something to wear, telling myself that it took nine months to get to this point. Patience. I was happy except those little moments I caught sight of myself in the mirror, or when people would ask when the baby was due the first time I went out to get groceries.

But, I knew that I was on the right path...drinking plenty of water, breastfeeding (yay for happy hormones, healthy baby and mommy!), eventually taking walks, and resuming (slowly) my yoga and bellydance routine.

Fast forward to now...I'm down over fifty pounds, with only fifteen or so to go. I'm happy with my progress, and even more elated to be wearing real jeans and maxi skirts, not maternity pants or dresses. Although, some of my maternity dresses are still my favorites.

Here's my issue. Suddenly, at least three people/friends on Facebook are posting almost non-stop about the 21 Day Fix, or Beach Body every day, if not two or three times a day.
I'm happy if this is working for you, or you're able to support your family with you're new career choice. Seriously, I am. Most of these women are hard working moms trying to make a better life for their families (which we all do!!).

I've realized that some people simply cannot focus enough on things on their own, and there is nothing wrong with that. We know that diet and exercise together is the way to go. Some people need someone to help them with that, and to support them.

For me, it isn't just about losing weight. Healthy is my goal. Yes, I love cupcakes, but I know I can't eat a plateful and feel good about myself. (I will have one, though...)
It isn't just about exercise for the body; my mind and spirit need their time, too. And, most of these programs use dvds, without actual instruction from a person who can make sure you won't hurt yourself...plus you miss the chance to be around other people who can also motivate and inspire you.

Just not for me.

So, I'm doing my own challenge...and it is going to be awesome.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Try A Little Compassion...

I've been that mom. You know the one. She's trying desperately to calm her two year old while hoping the three month old stays asleep peacefully.

I often wonder when and why we loose our compassion. At one point, every parent has had a similar moment. In very simple terms, a two year old (or a three month old, for that matter) does not have the capacity to understand why some things happen. Patience really isn't an option for them, because they're still figuring these things put. And it isn't their fault, or their mother's.

If I can, I try to schedule outings around naps, meal times, or "Frozen" viewings. But, there are times when I just have to do an errand (like the dreaded I thought daddy picked up diapers last, or we need dinner NOW). And, though I try to keep my little ones happy, sometimes they don't find errands as exciting as the zoo or a choo choo ride. The best case scenario would be to leave, maybe because they are tired or just don't like the snacks mommy has packed for our trip. But, sometimes things just have to get done.

Remember, these are little young ones who have little patience, and parents who are, more often than not, doing their best. When someone makes a snide remark, I often try to hold my tongue because they don't really know how my day has been. However, I have said something at times, met sometimes with compassion and sadly without understanding.

The compassion I've recently learned, is contagious...scientifically proven. So, the next time you see that mom trying her best or that two year old crying...try a smile. It might make both of your days better.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Price Matching Diaper Dilemma

A friend shared a post on my Facebook this morning. It seems Dollar General's ad had Pampers Swaddlers, any size any count, for only $9.50. And, with Walmart's price match policy, someone had decided to share this to help all her fellow monmies out.

What!!??? Too good to be true? Kind of.

First off, a quick call to my closest Walmart and I'm told I have to physically have the ad, and I can't have it on my phone.


Hmmm...I do a quick check, mostly because I don't want to take two little ones under the age of three in and have an issue, and look up Walmart's price match policy on their website.

No ad needed, just tell the cashier. As long as the item has the size, etc, stated in the ad. All sizes, all counts. It's stated pretty clear. ALL PAMPERS SWADDLERS ALL SIZES ALL COUNTS.


I call the store back, and tell them what I read on their site. After being put on hold for a few minutes, I'm told it is Pampers Swaddlers Jumbo pack. I hang up, do some more investigating.

Jumbo really isn't what you think. Jumbo sounds fabulous, right? Not so much. Around, given the size, twenty or so diapers. Which they have at $8.97.

Gee, what a deal. I call their customer service line, to which I'm told that ad doesn't specifically state a size or quantity. Which, it does. ALL.

Evidently, not good enough for Walmart. (Really, I can buy different amounts of cherries, for example, and get a price match...I know, per pound, but I choose how much I want.)

I check with my absolute favorite store, Target. In this case, Target (after four different phone calls, one of which I'm told they don't price match?) does not price match with non-competitors.

What?? Dollar General carries many of the same things, right?

Now, I will say, I'm not so "mad" at Target. My Red Card helps out, plus their clearance deals are awesome, plus they pile on discounts especially with the Cartwheel app. (Even if I don't get a signal in the store to check, I love browsing the offers before I go in and just pull up my code). The customer service I've received at my local store has always been above and beyond. For real.

But, Walmart? They have disappointed me so many times in the past that I'm really stand off-ish with them. But, I've heard so many great things about their price matching...until now. Admittedly, I buy my Rachel Ray Nutrish dog food there because I can't find it anywhere else.

Funny thing, a friend went to the same store I called, where a letter was posted next to the supposed Jumbo size that they were honoring it for this size...at their regular lower price. She grabbed a two hundred count, showed the cashier the ad on her phone, and got the deal.

I kind of get it...it is an awesome deal, and giving your customers this deal would just kill their sales. Or something. (Insert sarcasm) But, I can say that the mixed message makes me wonder who cares about customer service? The cashier obviously did.

I'm a stay at home mom, with two little ones. Diapers aren't cheap. Neither is everything else a baby needs (or mommy) that I always seem to buy along with diapers.

Guess I'll stick to Target (and may Cartwheel coupon layering!) and hope to find that cashier if I ever go to Walmart.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pancake Muffins for My Picky Eater!!

My little man is a picky eater. As in meal times are stressful, because you just never know what will happen. Will he eat it, or throw it? Or will it just be a grunt and a head shake? When my husband and I find something he will eat, we make it until we fear he will turn on it.

Breakfast used to be easy...scrambled or hardboiled eggs and turkey bacon (the only meat he will eat that isn't on a pizza!!). But not lately.

So, when I saw pancake muffins on the Today Show, I hesitantly checked my pantry. Pancake mix? Check, and it was a healthy artisan oatmeal mix! Plus, I had coconut oil to use (both in the mix and to grease the muffin pan!), frozen blueberries (which my father-in-law graciously bought a huge bag of that seems to never end and make a blueberry stained toddler mess!), and chocolate chips!

The challenge was on.

Really simple:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Grease muffin pan (I used coconut oil because it has higher heat tolerance with a bit of sweetness)

Pancake batter (any kind!)

Scoop using an ice cream scoop into muffin pan. Top with blueberries or whatever you'd like in your pancakes!

Bake for 8-10 minutes.

Voila!! Makes 6-10, depending on how much batter you make.

I thought we might have a few left to freeze for another morning, but they quickly disappeared.

Success!!! If only lunch were as easy...

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jammies and EBay

When I left my full time job over two years ago, my husband and I knew financially, things would get interesting. We had been pretty comfortable up to this point, even with two mortgages. After all, we had our prior home rented out, and with just the two of us, I could afford to indulge my Coach and shoe habit.

Then came the day it was time to go back to work after having our first baby boy. I was in tears, especially after checking out a few day care choices. It broke my heart to think someone else would see his firsts and his adorable chubby cheeked smiles. Plus, I was breastfeeding, and the thought of pumping at work (and suffering because I chose to do so by unsupportive coworkers) terrified me.

I made the decision that I would sacrifice all the silly material things and clip coupons, do whatever I could to be with my beautiful baby boy.

It hasn't been easy, but it has been wonderful. Thanks to my years of collecting various things here and there, eBay has become the easiest yard sale I've ever held. And my beautiful baby boy has given my dreams of bellydance new wings...I teach and make adornment out of vintage materials with a bit of new thrown in, plus performing.

But, really, thank you eBay for making this mommy's dreams come true. Even if I only get to shower three times a week, and wear jammies all day sometimes.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Rootbeer Float Cupcakes...Summer Time Sweetness!!

Summertime is just about upon us, wiping away memories of the Winter That Was Polar Vortex Ensconced. Warm breezes, sprinklers turned on, grills smoking, watermelon slices dripping in sugary sweetness...and my favorite summer dessert.

Rootbeer float cupcakes.

I found this recipe a few years ago on www.TheCookingMom.com, and instantly fell head over heels. I've tweaked it a bit to better suit my taste buds...and wow.


One box white cake mix
2 eggs
1/4 cup coconut oil (really, you can use any oil, but I like the sweetness coconut oil adds)
2 & 1/4 cup rootbeer
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Rootbeer frosting:
2 packs Dream Whip
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup COLD rootbeer
The original recipe called for double, but I halved it because I had so much left after frosting!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Whisk together the ingredients for cupcake batter, then spoon into cupcake liners (Quick tip: use an ice cream scoop to get the perfect amount). Bake for 15-18 minutes. Cool completely before frosting.

Using a mixer, combine Dream Whip, vanilla, and COLD rootbeer on medium high for four minutes.

Originally, the recipe didn't call for vanilla, however it adds that little taste of ice cream flavor. Also, for an added touch, use the a frosting tip to make a small pocket inside the cupcake (from the top) and fill with rootbeer frosting. Top with maraschino cherry and a small straw to really complete the look!!


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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Things No One Told Me

Things no one ever told me...

Your home will never be quiet again. There will be someone yelling "Mama!", "Mama?", "Mama!!!!!!", "Mama?!?!?!", "Zen!" (translation: Frozen!), "Dada!!!!!!!!!!!", toys squealing/talking/beeping, and screaming when he sees the cat.

You'll never know what day it is. As in actual date or day of the week. As in you'll probably think it is one day, but actually another and miss your credit card payment. Or birthdays, unless Facebook reminds you.

Showering becomes a luxury, and nothing will make you feel like a brand new woman than getting to take a quick two minute blast of hot water greatness. Shaving your legs? Better than winning the lottery. For real.

Every single time you clean up something, do not expect it to stay that way. Especially the kitchen, your tv room, bathroom...because even if you clean it all up, toys will take over and the pillows from the couch will end up on the floor.

The simplest words will melt your heart. "Choo choo" does this to me every single time. Not just because it sounds adorable, but because that single word makes him so happy that the look on his face makes all the rest seem trivial. Then there's tummy time...

Now, how can you resist smiling when you see that?

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Good, The Bad, And The Post Partum Ugly

Being a mom is the most rewarding experience of my entire life. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, and I truly feel like it has blessed my life in so many ways.

But, honestly, today, I'm struggling.

Not quite six weeks out from delivering my second son, I'm struggling with myself. I'm happy, and juggling two boys under three years old is easier than I terrified myself with. What I didn't count on was me.

Like most moms I know, unfortunately, I've put others needs in front of my own. The last time I actually had a hair appointment was eight months ago, and things aren't pretty (before my boys I was a faithful two to three month apart appointment maker). Even pulling my hair into a ponytail is exhausting. I've lost over thirty pounds since having the lil guy, but hardly anything but my dreaded maternity clothes fit. And I'm still almost thirty pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.

It is past lunchtime, and I've just brushed my teeth, shaved my legs (in the bathroom sink) because I barely have time, and broken down in tears because I literally can't find anything suitable for an eighty degree beautiful weather day that fits (except my hideous maternity capris with the panel that teaches up to my bra, which I can't even begin to think about). I'm breastfeeding, so lil guy has to be show get his snack on when it is time.

Last night, I kind of had my first post baby rehearsal with my bellydance troupe (which I truly hoped would be a bellydance fest but just wasn't because they wanted to end early).

I know it will take time, and work. But that's the problem. I need to be able to get the work in. You know that nagging wife? I don't want to become her. I'm lucky enough to be able to have left my full time job to stay at home, and do my part time passions where I can.

But that's the problem. I haven't been able to.

It's hard to ask for help, there are very few people I can ask for help. My parents aren't in the picture, and my in-laws are halfway there. My husband works hard for us, sometimes seven days a week plus other work beyond that.

Simply put, I'm jealous that he gets to shower every single day, hardly makes dinner (which he used to when we both worked), and rarely changes a diaper. I've tried to calmly mention that I need certain things (like a shower or half an hour for yoga/dance), but it just doesn't happen. Unless I practically snap at him, which only gets me that look. The one that makes me feel like I'm being selfish. I know he doesn't mean it, but that's how I feel. He has told me it is okay to "nag" him, but I don't like the end result, which usually turns into me not doing anything for me and just doing what I do. Take care if everyone else.

These days are rare for me, but I really hope the bounce back gets bouncing more, even if I have to become more creative. But these moments remind me that I'm not superhuman, and need to have patience.

And maybe a little less chocolate. Although, I could switch to dark chocolate.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Three Week Check In

Mommy observations for this week:

I seriously can no longer get a cute ponytail going. Ugh...there was once this adorable flip at the very end, all smooth and somewhat spotty. But now I'm not sure if it is because I'm in a time crunch or that my arm muscles suddenly have decided to strike on me that has made my pony not so cute anymore. And one can only sport a haphazard bun so often.
Getting dressed and ready first thing in the morning is truly the best way to get just about anything accomplished. Or feel human. In fact, even doing laundry done first thing is a huge check mark. (And by doing, I mean starting. Laundry pretty much turns into a whole/half day affair.)

You can never drink enough water. Mostly because your two year old son likes to drink out of your cup simply because it is mommy's. Basically, double what you actually need to drink. Hopefully, you'll get to actually have that much.

Frozen is a great movie. Olaf will curtail just about any temper tantrum easier than a hot knife through butter. Plus, if you've watched it twice daily for the past two weeks, there are clips on YouTube he can watch on your phone. Of course, you may never get your phone back and your child may end up watching really bad karaoke versions of "Let It Go". Hint: Lower the volume before you hand over the phone.

Best part of the week? My boys playing together. Even if the newborn has no clue, big brother is watching over his little brother. And showing him his choo-choo from the Easter Bunny. Priceless.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

And Baby Makes Four

Almost three weeks into bundle of joy number two, I've come to realize a few things. A few new, and a few that I'd somehow conveniently forgotten.

Funny thing about things...they attract other things. Intangible, tangible, imaginary, real. And, in the case of post-baby number two while having number one around, at the most interesting moments. Like in the middle of the night, when no one is actually sleeping.

1.) A queen size bed just doesn't cut it anymore. Between the bed hogging husband, sprawling and kicking two year old who refuses to sleep in his bed (and sneaks into your bed at varying times but usually two a.m.), the mountains of pillows, and attempting to nurse a newborn, I'm incredibly thankful our golden retriever was never permitted to join us. At least she has her own bed, all to herself.

2.) My house will never be quiet again. And if it is, something is going down. Silence equals disaster.

3.) Toddlers are like drunk college students. So, right now, my loud and clumsy lil man us just preparing me for his freshman year.

4.) My house will never be truly clean again. From matchbox cars, random snacks, discarded sippy cups, leggos, and kitchen utensils, there is always something to clean up.

4.) Mommy instincts vs. Daddy instincts are not even close. Mommy instinct is feed, change diaper, comfort, and do it all NOW. Daddy...now, their instinct is to try to figure out what to do. (Unless it is catch the falling baby.) Or, watching the baby after mommy has changed, fed, and comforted him...then put him in the swing to sleep. And forgot waking up in the middle of the night to help without being practically yelled at (a la The Change Up). I get it, no mind reading. But I'd love to once, have Daddy wake up with me to change the diaper before he gets his midnight snack. Sigh. Without getting all mad to get him to do so.

5.) Laundry, like the dishes, will be never-ending. Good thing I love the smell of laundry...and we have a washer/dryer and a dishwasher. This also adds to the whole house never clean again give.

6.) Things will never go as planned. This is actually my favorite one. Because, in all honesty, it is all in your attitude. Plans are boring. But being prepared can be helpful. If you accept this, things can be actually kind of fun. Sure, there are things you have to do. And they will get done. Eventually.

7.) Children learn things incredibly fast, and usually after seeing things only once. My two year old lets the dog out, has locked me out of the house (and taken the screen out of a window so that I could get back in), and knows where my Marshmallow Crispy Oreo stash is. He also gives great hugs, helps change his baby brother's diaper, and feeds the cat.

8.) Bathroom time is no longer private or a sanctuary. The fact that I can get a shower some days is a miracle in and of itself.

9.) I've never been happier. I worried when I was pregnant with number two that I couldn't possibly love another baby the way I loved my lil man. But, the great thing about love is that it doesn't just stay the same size then divide...it grows.

I'm sure the list will grow every day. But who's counting?

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pumping At Midnight

Ah, the joys of mommyhood...or, should I say, the joys of bringing home a newborn that you quickly forget and suddenly remember.

It is two a.m., and my little guy is still wondrously slumbering. Don't get me wrong, this is an entirely welcome event. Our first slept through the night after only a few days, so I was prepared for this one not to. I knew I was lucky with little man, and perhaps wouldn't be this time around.

Since I'm breastfeeding, I am totally prepared to blindly reach over and scoop out the little bundle and get our smack on. Even with a two year old cuddled up at my side. (A queen sized bed is simply not big enough, I've discovered. Thank goodness our golden was never allowed on the furniture. Plus, she has a bed all to herself.)

But, tonight, I was reminded of another tidbit I'd conveniently forgotten. The leaky boob...

I wasn't awakened by the hungry little noises of my newborn, but the slightly overflowing breastmilk my new son was sleeping through. So here I am, pumping away, snuggled under a blanket.

Ah, the nighttime joys of mommyhood. I'm pretty sure when I go to climb back into bed, someone will wake up, all ready for a snack...

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Oh, Coconut Oil, How I Love Thee!!!

Coconut oil and raw unfiltered honey have suddenly replaced the ten or so bottles of various beauty addiction products that used to fill up my bathroom (though, I admit, really I keep them in the kitchen).

You know the drill. This fabulous new/hot product will give you everything you've been dreaming of...soft frizz-free hair, with a healthy shine that everyone will envy. Either you've read about it in your latest edition subscription, a friend raves about it, or your helpful hair stylist made you look incredibly gorgeous at your last appointment so you just had to have "it".

But, even if I could get it to work once (and we know we will never get the look our stylist will give us at home), never again does that miracle and expensive product deliver. And, if it does, the extra work I had to put into it just doesn't happen with a two year old and new baby on the way.

I have what I like to call the product graveyard. And, because of the amount of money I've dished out for those miracle products, I just can't bring myself to get rid of them.
Until now.

I've been a "no 'poo" addict for over a year now (although at the beginning of my pregnancy I had to find alternate conditioning routes...the apple cider vinegar and I weren't close friends for awhile), and that started my searching Pinterest for more alternatives to the expensive and chemical filled products I once bought by way too many.

There are dozens of variations on the "no 'poo" conditioning route (the baking soda and water wash is pretty standard...though, I may try washing with raw honey and water eventually), and after trying a few, finally, I've found my perfect combo.

My thick, semi curly, and incredibly long hair rebelled at bananas/avocados, and yogurt/egg yolks just didn't cut it. Enter of my favorite things...

Organic virgin coconut oil. The great thing about coconut oil? I can use it for so many things...wait, this could be bad!

In the kitchen as a substitute for oil and non-stick awesomeness (a higher heat tolerance with a touch of sweetness), fabulous in smoothies. Beauty uses? In an exfoliating scrub (leaves skin super soft and hydrated), a no fuss lip balm, after shower/bath moisturizer, stretch mark remedy (um, second baby here!) added to cocoa butter, the afore mentioned hair conditioner, anti-frizz/leave-in hair treatment.

Plus, it just smells like summer....

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Monday, March 10, 2014

My Favorite Things...Softlips In The Polar Vortex

If there is one thing that I've noticed about this neverending and frozen winter season, it is how dry the air in my house is from the heat being on an endless cycle of fighting Polar Vortex after Polar Vortex.

My humidifiers can't keep up.

Between a stuffy and dry nose and chappedr lips, I feel like the Sahara Desert has nothing on my humble abode. Searching endlessly and trying everything from vitamin e oil, to coconut oil, to plain old vaseline,and Sugar Lip Moisturizer (Blistex and I do not mix), I finally found a lip moisturizer that works, and doesn't break the bank.

Softlips Intense Moisture...just what this mommy who has less than two weeks for baby boy number two to make his arrival needed. Because really, who, at ten days from their due date wants to dish out forty bucks for lip scrub and moisture rich expensive lip balm from Sephora? I'm lucky if I change my yoga pants at this point. And, yes, I have totally been using Pinterest to make my own various products, but, again...yoga pants and showers take precedence. Especially with a two and a half year old.

Did I mention they are $1.99...for two? LOVE. My husband and lil man even use it.

Mint or Very Berry? Hmmm, I'll take both. I mean, I need at least one for my purse, one for my night stand, one for the boys, and one for the hospital bag.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You Have To Complain The Right Way

Ever since I've had my lil man, an entirely strange thing has happened.

Time has someone gotten shorter for me. Time to shop (even a quick trip to the grocery store), time to sleep (the horror!), even shower. Which means if I do take the minuscule moment I have to actually attempt to purchase something, there needs to be minimal to zero issues with excellent customer service. Unfortunately, this really hasn't been the case for me lately.

Understandably, it is Holiday/post crazy season for retailers, and having had fifteen years of my life spent in the glorious halls of consumerism (sarcasm but with a smile!), I get that there may just be a few bumps in the road.

For example, take my Teavana experience. Now, expecting my next bundle of joy (who will, with no doubt, make time even more precious) I've taken a serious look just as I did before at what I drink and eat. So, no caffeine and I'm very aware of herbal and food items.

So, no coffee. Or tea.

But, just because I have two months to go, doesn't mean my husband has suddenly stopped partaking of my tea stash. Enter Teavana's Heavenly Sale.

I quickly make my choices, knowing I can store and hide a few favorites, while the daddy can have his tea and drink it, too. I order on my mobile, while the two year old shows me all his new vehicles (with sound on!!), missing the free shipping with $50! At $42, I totally will spend $8 to get $12 more...especially on sale.

I frantically call the customer service line to add to my order...and sit on hold for half an hour. Again, I get it, sale and holiday time. But, I'm also keeping the two year old occupied. Oy!!!

Thankfully, the customer service rep helps a mommy out, and adds on to my order. This is last Friday...I receive the original email confirmation, but nothing else. I put my faith (mostly due to the lack of time to be put on hold) in Teavana. And wait (I've been warned my order probably won't get sent over the weekend).

Wednesday, I call back...no email saying the order has shipped. Again, I am on hold. This time, I request a call back. Time being short. Thursday, no call. Again, I call and request a call back after being painfully on hold, plus email my order number with concerns (most of the items I ordered are no longer available) and receive the automated reply.

Friday, still nothing. During nap time (the hour and a half I sometimes get to try to do sometimes!!!), I jump on Twitter, and mention a short tweet about my situation.


DM, requesting my order number. Within the hour, I receive an email stating my order has shipped. Then, confirmation with all items listed!

Evidently, social media is the way to go. Customer service at its finest...

Thanks for the help. Hopefully, the rest of our road isn't as bumpy ;-)

(Update...a week and three days later, my order is set to arrive today. Hopefully. I did succumb to temptation and picked up a few more treasures in store before the sale ended. Downside? Was told by two different locations that there is a four/eight ounce minimum required for loose leaf tea purchases. Hmm?)