Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You Have To Complain The Right Way

Ever since I've had my lil man, an entirely strange thing has happened.

Time has someone gotten shorter for me. Time to shop (even a quick trip to the grocery store), time to sleep (the horror!), even shower. Which means if I do take the minuscule moment I have to actually attempt to purchase something, there needs to be minimal to zero issues with excellent customer service. Unfortunately, this really hasn't been the case for me lately.

Understandably, it is Holiday/post crazy season for retailers, and having had fifteen years of my life spent in the glorious halls of consumerism (sarcasm but with a smile!), I get that there may just be a few bumps in the road.

For example, take my Teavana experience. Now, expecting my next bundle of joy (who will, with no doubt, make time even more precious) I've taken a serious look just as I did before at what I drink and eat. So, no caffeine and I'm very aware of herbal and food items.

So, no coffee. Or tea.

But, just because I have two months to go, doesn't mean my husband has suddenly stopped partaking of my tea stash. Enter Teavana's Heavenly Sale.

I quickly make my choices, knowing I can store and hide a few favorites, while the daddy can have his tea and drink it, too. I order on my mobile, while the two year old shows me all his new vehicles (with sound on!!), missing the free shipping with $50! At $42, I totally will spend $8 to get $12 more...especially on sale.

I frantically call the customer service line to add to my order...and sit on hold for half an hour. Again, I get it, sale and holiday time. But, I'm also keeping the two year old occupied. Oy!!!

Thankfully, the customer service rep helps a mommy out, and adds on to my order. This is last Friday...I receive the original email confirmation, but nothing else. I put my faith (mostly due to the lack of time to be put on hold) in Teavana. And wait (I've been warned my order probably won't get sent over the weekend).

Wednesday, I call back...no email saying the order has shipped. Again, I am on hold. This time, I request a call back. Time being short. Thursday, no call. Again, I call and request a call back after being painfully on hold, plus email my order number with concerns (most of the items I ordered are no longer available) and receive the automated reply.

Friday, still nothing. During nap time (the hour and a half I sometimes get to try to do sometimes!!!), I jump on Twitter, and mention a short tweet about my situation.


DM, requesting my order number. Within the hour, I receive an email stating my order has shipped. Then, confirmation with all items listed!

Evidently, social media is the way to go. Customer service at its finest...

Thanks for the help. Hopefully, the rest of our road isn't as bumpy ;-)

(Update...a week and three days later, my order is set to arrive today. Hopefully. I did succumb to temptation and picked up a few more treasures in store before the sale ended. Downside? Was told by two different locations that there is a four/eight ounce minimum required for loose leaf tea purchases. Hmm?)