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What EBay Selling As A Mom Has Taught Me

Since I've decided to stay home with my little ones, I've had to find ways to make up partly for the full time salary I once had coming in. (Still have to pay for those pre-many Coach purses and silly shoes I'll probably never wear again!)

That being said, besides teaching three times a week, I've been selling various things on eBay. And, I've learned so much about what that means, especially about eBay and values I want to teach my boys.

1.) You can never tell what people will buy. Make-up samples and freebies (like the free gift eye shadow that you've never used!), back issues of magazines, even coupons are money makers. Well, not big time, but every little dollar counts.

2.) Always be up front about flaws. People will appreciate honesty, and describe and take advantage of those twelve pictures. Even so, people might be mad at their own decision and regret it later...which leads me to...

3.) Communication. I truly have the belief that most people want to do the right thing by others, especiallye. If you have a problem, don't leave feedback that blindsides a seller. For example, I sold a "gift certicate"/coupon (the wording on the item, not mine!) for $1.99 plus shipping for Udder Covers, Faraway Canopy, etc. and clearly stated that shipping (as stated on the offers) wasn't free. It sold over a month ago for $1.99 plus my shipping cost. The buyer just left neutral feedback that shipping was $90 for four items, and I had ripped them off! I personally own two of these and purchased them with the same offers and it didn't cost me more the twenty. But, this person not only never contacted me (for a $1.99 item), but made it seem I RIPPED THEM OFF!! Well, I sent a message to them, offering a refund even though they received it as described and said I would've gladly worked with them had they COMMUNICATED WITH ME. No reply as of yet...and sadly, eBay protects sellers very little in situations like this.

3.) People are cheaper than you think. See above. Unfortunately, even for a $1.99, people would rather let their frustration out on you than simply ask a question. But, hey, I love a great deal, so that doesn't really bother me...

4.) As sad as I was to see my boys outgrow their "bananas over mommy" outfit, I'm happy that some other little munchkin will get to wear it. Even if I only get 5% of what I paid for it.

5.) Shipping items takes time, money, and sometimes costs more than you think. The time is the hardest part, especially with little ones.

4.) You have to spell everything out clearly. Which takes even more time. Listing items is somewhat easy, but in no way fast.

5.) Somethings just won't sell, or won't sell for as much as you'd like. Save those things for garage sales, or better yet, donate them.

6.) Don't take feedback personally. I'm trying really hard with this one, because I feel like it is personal. When it is positive, go for it. But I'm your heart if you know you've done the right thing, realize that some people are just bitter or upset and are taking it out in you.

Sigh...and, try not to check your phone in the middle of the night so that you won't be upset enough to write a blog post like this...

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