Thursday, February 11, 2016

Clutter in the Closet: 40 In 40 Challenge

I'm utterly and alternately terrified, frustrated, and appalled at the state of my closet. When we bought our home, I was ecstatic to see the extra room off our master suite. Office? Nursery?


Divine walk-in closet.

I found a closet organizing system, complete with long and short hanging options, a shoe organizer (oh, the things of dreams!!), and other perfectly wonderful organizing components that made my inner fashion diva squeal with delight.

Once the set up was complete, I gleefully separated my black works pieces from the longer dresses and pants. Hung or folded sweaters and hoodies, tees and tanks, jeans...summer from fall, spring and winter.

Then, the lil ones came. Gone were the afternoons off, rearranging and lovingly keeping my closet beautiful.

In fact, it has turned into this...


Bring on the Forty Things In Forty Days Challenge!

Donate, sell, or pitch. One (or mire things) a day. Because I'm afraid it might take over the rest of the house. Which means a war with the Legos and Hot Wheels, with Lightning McQueen as General McQueen. I might be watching fee too many YouTube videos aimed at preschoolers...

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