Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Letting Go

When I made the decision to leave my full time job to raise my boys, I knew things would be challenging. Money would be an issue, but there were choices we were all too ready to make.

But, I knew those challenges would be worth experiencing the moments fellow mother's (and food friends) were missing out on.

I didn't realize there would be other outside factors that would hinder my happiness, or that I would need a hard lesson in what really matters. Or, to know there are battles that no matter how wrong or unfair, you just won't win.

The key is to stay true to yourself, and not allow these situations to change your values.

In a previous blog, I shared a letter that I had written to the homeowners on the street where we were, and have been paying an additional mortgage for seven plus years.

Sadly, the situation has escalated. Because we put my husband's gravely ill mother in the home and chose to not put her name on the deed (exposing us to her medical debts), we now have an assessment against us for $1800 plus an additional $950 in lawyers fees. Our appeal hearing, which is required by Ohio Law, was denied. The details are the saddest example of how neighbors should act towards one another, and are too much to relive in this blog.

I refuse to let them or this situation take one more moment of my happiness.

But, thanks to the assessment, my three year old will miss out on soccer, swimming lessons, an air conditioner and furnace that works, and quite possibly, preschool.

This I will not allow. So, this summer will be filled with trips to the zoo (season passes purchased before this whole debacle), bike riding lessons with mom, nature walks in the beautiful Metro Parks, and library trips with craft time at our local craft store.

Time to get more frugal. Perhaps a garage sale is in order, another eBay binge of our possessions, and some creative DIY projects.

Bring on the summer, full of happiness, giggles, and no regrets.

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