Saturday, November 5, 2016

All the Leggings!! Lularoe, What??

Seriously. I'm in trouble.

I resist most Facebook fads, if only because it's a bit crazy how many people have begun direct sales blitz via their Facebook page and every single mom/garage/sell it pages with how amazing Beach Body/It Wraps/Wrinkle Cream/Jamberry (which I actually like, cause, well Disney and lace sugar skull wraps!!). Part of me wishes that social media would stay, well, social...and then there's the part that's pretty amazed at how it can be used to make a difference in people's lives.

Now, the whole Lularoe phenom? It, from the outside anyway, looks like just another direct sales pitch...and I have a few friends that have been trying for months to get me to try these "amazing leggings" over and over. The mom groups? Even worse, because then there's pop ups happening all over the place.

I blame them all. Because they were right.

One month ago, I attended a workshop (yep, this mommy bellydances!), and in the midst of trying to not swear like a trucker while squat insanity, one of my newest friends (also trying to keep it clean) asked if tried them yet. (She had just started being a rep, if that's the might be more appropriate....and had commented on her cute leggings to distract myself!) I told her no (it came out more as a grunt, but she understood). The next day, she brought me two pairs, said to try them on for size (one size and tall/curvy) and keep the one I liked. As a freebie.

I took them home (yep, we had four days of exquisite torture.. look up Salimpour School...for real. Hard core bellydance technique insanity!), tried them both on. And swore. Cause they were so comfy, cute...and yes, buttery. Solids, but I didn't care. I also discovered I could wear either (which I know from my fifteen plus years of retail experience applied to the larger cut in prints cause they can either run small, or you don't want to stretch the design as much)...

Then I discovered what a unicorn is. These were mine, and the reason this really started. (I noticed that friend was a rep, and asked her about it. Gateway. Just sayin.)

Then you find out why there are UNICORNS. You see, the elusive print you fall in love with isn't as easy to find as you think. Each rep doesn't order from a catalog, or have the ability to order a specific print. Each print is a limited run (I've seen anywhere from 2500 to 5000 on different sites), and once it's gone, it's gone. This is a double edged sword as the rep never knows what she's getting when she orders, say 100 TC leggings...but it does put competition low on the totem pole and in line with the company's values.

So, now I'm in seven groups, because the only ways you can purchase these buttery, addictive things online is through Facebook pop up sales in the rep's group page, or at a local pop up on location.


So, now, I sneak away from my family, searching for the unicorn prints I want (😂 and get those looks from my husband!), search eBay (and have my jaw drop at the prices some of the most sought after pieces sell for...but it's a great place to browse for prints you want!), and try to get the mail before anyone else.

I'm afraid to count how many I have, and there are a few mystery pairs that are going to be given as presents, but they are fantastic for everyday wear, a bit dressed up (go on Pinterest and you'll see!), or for yoga and, yes, bellydance.

Happy hunting!

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