Monday, July 16, 2012

Rediscovery...Tickle Time!

I hate being tickled.  Serious face.  It really pisses me off.  This all comes from all the time I was tortured as a child (and beyond!) by my mom.  She relished tickling me, and I never really understood why.  Did she like turning me into an evil snarling (yet giggling) demon child?  Was it torture?  Or was she just sadistic and wanted me to feel the pain of all the dishes and clean up she had done after me for my whole life?
Turns out if it's anything like how I feel as a mom that she just loved to see me smile and giggle.  Uncontrollably. 
I now know this because there is nothing I love more, or that will make my heart swell and produce a big ol goofy grin on my face than tickle time with my little man.  From the moment I got that first giggle (which may or may not been from gas!!) to the uncontrollable adorable giggle fits, I was hooked.  My day, no matter how annoying (laundry, dishes, business, or economic freak outs!), suddenly changes into blissful happiness.
Not only can I not resist his beautiful laughter, it makes me love my mom even more....

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