Saturday, June 17, 2017

Running, Rolling, And Run Disney

I'm drinking coffee, and thinking that all the swearing and pain from foam rolling was so worth it. After my last 5k, my IT band made my knee really angry. Like, incredibly bad. But, I was sucking it up, and trying to still run. I could barely do it, and pretty much went so far back in the progress I made that, I admit, I was getting angry.

But, I'm learning my body needs to be taken care of. That $35 was the best money I've ever spent (along with my shoes and inserts, lol!).

I know each of us is busy, and life gets in the way. I'm trying to remind myself to keep this morning's feeling of good health and contentment when I'm struggling.

These are my RunDisney Virtual Race Series medals (my son's for August haven't come in yet, and he's jealous!), and I'm excited to get beyond 42 minutes. If my body cooperates.

Going from being told I might never walk on my own while pregnant with my first, and the pain my feet have gone through this past year to running a 5k, and most importantly being healthy and becoming strong makes me want to keep this going. I know it won't ever be perfect, and I might not be the fastest, but that doesn't matter.

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