Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?

We all have those friends.  You know the ones.  They told you while you were expecting that they would never see you again, like they were some psychic predicting the end of the world.
My husband and I have a small group of friends that started with a married couple with two boys, two single "boys" and us.  Saturday poker nights...every Saturday.  At the married with children home (no babysitter needed!).  This evolved into a high school friend and his wife (with son) moving back into town, which in turn revolved into the two married (other than my husband) forming a band to live out their high school fantasies.
Enter the girlfriends (now one wife and one fiance) for the "boys".
At this point, the Saturday game would still happen, but with less and less frequency.
Side note of importance...of this group, only myself and my other handsome half, as well as one "boy" (now husband) and wife were the non-smokers.
Back to the remark that started it all.  When we found out we were expecting, we were very conscious of what our shoulds and should nots were, and still are.
This included the smoking.
To say I get it would be a lie.  We know this effects your health in so many scary ways, not to mention the simple economic cost, I don't get why people smoke anymore.  Not to mention it's stinky, you don't look sexy, and you have to do laundry all the time.  And then add in that you have children?  If only for their health or the fear of not being there for them someday would scare me into at least trying my booty off to quit, let alone that it does effect their health if you smoke around them or in the same house, even if they are in a different room.
This, my friends, is why we don't get to see one another that much, if ever, and the band...and the new girlfriends, wives, etc.
My lil dude is the most important things to enter my life, and I just don't want him around it.
But how do you tell that to someone?
I don't.  More because I don't want to offend them or tell them what to do.
So, instead I've spurred the husband into finishing up the projects around the house so we can have them over...and ban the smokers to in front of the garage and away from everything that matters.
Maybe I should pick up so Nicorette?

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