Sunday, March 30, 2014

Oh, Coconut Oil, How I Love Thee!!!

Coconut oil and raw unfiltered honey have suddenly replaced the ten or so bottles of various beauty addiction products that used to fill up my bathroom (though, I admit, really I keep them in the kitchen).

You know the drill. This fabulous new/hot product will give you everything you've been dreaming of...soft frizz-free hair, with a healthy shine that everyone will envy. Either you've read about it in your latest edition subscription, a friend raves about it, or your helpful hair stylist made you look incredibly gorgeous at your last appointment so you just had to have "it".

But, even if I could get it to work once (and we know we will never get the look our stylist will give us at home), never again does that miracle and expensive product deliver. And, if it does, the extra work I had to put into it just doesn't happen with a two year old and new baby on the way.

I have what I like to call the product graveyard. And, because of the amount of money I've dished out for those miracle products, I just can't bring myself to get rid of them.
Until now.

I've been a "no 'poo" addict for over a year now (although at the beginning of my pregnancy I had to find alternate conditioning routes...the apple cider vinegar and I weren't close friends for awhile), and that started my searching Pinterest for more alternatives to the expensive and chemical filled products I once bought by way too many.

There are dozens of variations on the "no 'poo" conditioning route (the baking soda and water wash is pretty standard...though, I may try washing with raw honey and water eventually), and after trying a few, finally, I've found my perfect combo.

My thick, semi curly, and incredibly long hair rebelled at bananas/avocados, and yogurt/egg yolks just didn't cut it. Enter of my favorite things...

Organic virgin coconut oil. The great thing about coconut oil? I can use it for so many things...wait, this could be bad!

In the kitchen as a substitute for oil and non-stick awesomeness (a higher heat tolerance with a touch of sweetness), fabulous in smoothies. Beauty uses? In an exfoliating scrub (leaves skin super soft and hydrated), a no fuss lip balm, after shower/bath moisturizer, stretch mark remedy (um, second baby here!) added to cocoa butter, the afore mentioned hair conditioner, anti-frizz/leave-in hair treatment.

Plus, it just smells like summer....

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