Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jammies and EBay

When I left my full time job over two years ago, my husband and I knew financially, things would get interesting. We had been pretty comfortable up to this point, even with two mortgages. After all, we had our prior home rented out, and with just the two of us, I could afford to indulge my Coach and shoe habit.

Then came the day it was time to go back to work after having our first baby boy. I was in tears, especially after checking out a few day care choices. It broke my heart to think someone else would see his firsts and his adorable chubby cheeked smiles. Plus, I was breastfeeding, and the thought of pumping at work (and suffering because I chose to do so by unsupportive coworkers) terrified me.

I made the decision that I would sacrifice all the silly material things and clip coupons, do whatever I could to be with my beautiful baby boy.

It hasn't been easy, but it has been wonderful. Thanks to my years of collecting various things here and there, eBay has become the easiest yard sale I've ever held. And my beautiful baby boy has given my dreams of bellydance new wings...I teach and make adornment out of vintage materials with a bit of new thrown in, plus performing.

But, really, thank you eBay for making this mommy's dreams come true. Even if I only get to shower three times a week, and wear jammies all day sometimes.

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