Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Three Week Check In

Mommy observations for this week:

I seriously can no longer get a cute ponytail going. Ugh...there was once this adorable flip at the very end, all smooth and somewhat spotty. But now I'm not sure if it is because I'm in a time crunch or that my arm muscles suddenly have decided to strike on me that has made my pony not so cute anymore. And one can only sport a haphazard bun so often.
Getting dressed and ready first thing in the morning is truly the best way to get just about anything accomplished. Or feel human. In fact, even doing laundry done first thing is a huge check mark. (And by doing, I mean starting. Laundry pretty much turns into a whole/half day affair.)

You can never drink enough water. Mostly because your two year old son likes to drink out of your cup simply because it is mommy's. Basically, double what you actually need to drink. Hopefully, you'll get to actually have that much.

Frozen is a great movie. Olaf will curtail just about any temper tantrum easier than a hot knife through butter. Plus, if you've watched it twice daily for the past two weeks, there are clips on YouTube he can watch on your phone. Of course, you may never get your phone back and your child may end up watching really bad karaoke versions of "Let It Go". Hint: Lower the volume before you hand over the phone.

Best part of the week? My boys playing together. Even if the newborn has no clue, big brother is watching over his little brother. And showing him his choo-choo from the Easter Bunny. Priceless.

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