Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spoon, Why Can't We Get Along?

Like any good expecting mother, I bought those cute baby spoons. My shower registry was the epitome if baby utensil safety. No crazy spear eye stabbing forks here! Even sporks were eyed with caution.

When the time came, I happily washed and readied my trusty baby spoons. Feeding my lil dude at six months old was such a milestone for me...and provided endless entertainment and giggles.

Then, the day when he wants to feed himself. Or, as we liked to call it in our house, time to bang on the bowl and splatter the food all around. And makes sure mommy isn't wearing white. Or what she's going to have on for outside the house ;-)

That spoon? Suddenly, food was falling off of it, landing on lil man's cheek, the name it! To get that cute, adorable spoon angled in the correct way to actually keep gooey baby cereal (and, gasp! peas!) on it as it makes its way to its destination became nearly impossible.


Then, at a first birthday party for his cutie pie playdate girlfriend, my husband was playfully stabbing bits of pineapple, strawberries, and grapes and feeding them to him. Suddenly, as he is want to do, lil man grabs a nearby plastic fork, stabs a strawberry, and neatly puts it into his mouth with a big grin.

It terrified me!! This wasn't safe, my mommy voice screamed! But, daddy, who is the poster boy for safe daddy (don't get me started on the apps!) was sitting back as cool as a cucumber.

This feared utensil, over the next few months, helped him figure out that angle as well as food on your fork (or spoon) is the way to feed yourself;-)

Of course, I still eye that fork cautiously...and there's plenty of clean up at meal time. But, there's also giggles, smiles, cereal going into his mouth, and very proud mommy and daddy watching it all!!

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