Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pinterest Addict...Detox Water

I'm not entirely into the whole detox craze. I get it, you want to flush the nasties out, yadda yadda yadda. But, I like some of those least I drink half caff coffee now ;-)

But, my water intake has hit the skids, mostly because, you guessed it, I'm focused on lil guy. When nap time comes, I inhale lunch (which I'm trying to make vegetarian), get a little housework done, and fit in mommy time. If I'm lucky.

Two friends of mine did a three week detox, and were raving about how great they felt. I was a little envious, I admit it. But I just knew I wouldn't be able to go all in.

Enter my Pinterest addiction.

I searched detox, and found some fabulous water DIY's that seemed like I could fit them into my lifestyle, my way.

I love water, and was a huge agua consumer before my bundle of joy. Somehow, I let it get away from me. But, I knew I get drink a glass first thing in the morning before my coffee, and one before each meal. Plus, sprinkled through out the day. Especially if I actually made a concoction...

First up, blackberry sage...mostly because my sage is making its Spring debut!!

Using my pestal and mortar (dear lord, let me have spelled that correctly!!) that desperately needed to be used instead of collecting dust in a cupboard, I gently pressed on the sage, just enough to let the oils release.

Gorgeous, aren't they?

These beauties were gently smooshed (I love that word, even if it isn't real!) them, then added them with the sage to a pitcher filled with filtered water.

It slept overnight in the refrigerator, and was ready.

Loved it!! Crisp, with a mild fruity flavor that balanced the earthiness of the sage, this quickly is becoming one of my favorite Mommy all that goodness is supposed to rev up my metabolism.

Can't wait to try the next one ;-)

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