Friday, May 10, 2013

Ah, The Great Outdoors, And My Little Helper

There's nothing better after a gloomy, long, and chilly winter season than spring and sunshine to rev up the vitamin D. Especially when you've been cooped up for months with a one year old.

The first few times we journeyed out of the house, everything fascinated lil man, and now that the world is turning green again, he loves plants. Always the little helper, my lil dude has always assisted in watering our indoor plants (while I follow behind with a towel or two). Once he figured out he could do the same outside, the watering can became his new favorite plaything. But, getting the water into the pot wasn't as fun as watering our landscape rocks, or the outside of the pot.

One day, my lil helper found his new favorite commercial..the Home Depot build that beautiful topiary-esque flower power tower.

Inspiration!! He could totally water this all over, and even help me (well, a little!!!!) choose the flowers (though most were seedlings that grew from last year popping up unexpectedly and happily - money saver!!).

The only drawback was that the "fencing"material I used (and was suggested when I couldn't find the exact same type) wasn't as sturdy as I'd like, so I used a few tomato stakes to give it a bit more shape. I used biodegrable Eco-friendly landscape material (that I'll use for my fairy garden, as well).

Here's our silly creation...I only hope all the watering and love from both of us will make it grow in as the summer approaches!

Even if they never grow in completely, I know the memories we will make will be more than enough.

The happiness as he giggles and waters our creation...priceless.

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