Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fix It, Mommy...Or, Oh Crap!

I had a scary realization today.

After years of having my mom, boyfriend (now husband), and father-in-law fix things, I have become that person for someone else.

This terrifies me more than anything. Except maybe big nasty spiders and sharks.

Utter and terrifying panic. Because, here is this adorable little person coming to me with a sad and confused expression, with the expectation that mommy will make this all good, just like she does with everything else.

So let me rewind a bit to Easter. Grampa asked us what would be good for lil man to get from the Easter Bunny. Don't get me wrong, we would totally eat his chocolate. But, then again, grampa always gives mommy and daddy chocolate bunnies so...since lil man loves daddy's mini flashlight, guess what we told him?

Yep., light up, almost mini light saber-esque.

Here's the culprit.

The little bugger should look like this when you turn it on...

And sometimes, blink. But, the inner workings seemed to misunderstand the whole concept.

So, lil man wants mommy to make it get its act together.

Scary stuff. Me, fixing things? I'm capable, don't get me wrong, but this is a whole lot of pressure. Disappointing lil man is not an option. Once in a while, it takes a little tap. Sometimes, uncap it, take it apart, and put it back together. Other times, a good old smack. Which lil man imitated, much to my chagrin.

But, I've learned I mysteriously now have that superhero mommy super power. The ability to fix just about anything.

And if that fails, super power that never let's me down.

Tickle time ;-)

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