Friday, May 17, 2013

Things I Love...My Teavana Mommy Bliss Blend

My Teavana journey has had its ups and downs. Honestly, I adore that my husband realized that I needed something special, even for just a few moments.

The beauty of this present (which was for my birthday last year) is that there are endless possibilities of additional gifting options...

There are a multitude of teas available, and while there are times I've felt a bit pressured at my local Teavana store (there so much to choose from...but I don't need another teapot!) I adore exploring my app and the online store, reading all the descriptions of each tea.

But blending teas? Really?

So, I tried it for myself. Here's what I call my Mommy Bliss Blend. Hot, and steaming for a comforting few moments or chilled for an afternoon walk with little man in the park.

Morrocan Mint and Exotic White Peach. Mmmmmmm...refreshing with a hint a paradise. Just what the mommy ordered.

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