Thursday, April 18, 2013

Things I Love...Spring!

Everyone experiences Spring Fever in different degrees. Whether you are at work, longingly gazing out a small window as you walk by, or at home with a little guy who isn't quite old enough to get why mommy is going stir crazy, it happens.

Cold, frigid air that makes you want to stay under the covers. The snow that just keeps coming and piling up. This makes bundling up said lil man a monumental task (patience isn't yet one of his traits), so leaving the house in the slush and mush becomes less and less appealing.

Then, suddenly.. Hockey is a sport I can get into. Tall men, a sexy accent here and there, and the games are fast paced (and a twenty minute period usually takes close to twenty minutes real time!). The lockout mad this girl a bit sad this year. As I pouted, I would see this cover here and there, but after being disappointed by other "hockey" novels I was book-shy.

A tiny purple beacon of hope appears...I had hanging baskets of pansies last year, and seeing this little present made something inside me melt.



Flowers that were a surprise present just to make me smile last year that I forgot I had planted.

And finally, one of the bulbs from my Mother's Day flower arrangement.

Suddenly, hope seems more abundant, smiles appear effortlessly, and the birds are a beautiful way to start the day.

Then, I realize I'll have to start shaving my legs more often. With an eighteen month old.

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