Tuesday, April 9, 2013

And, Who Has The Time?

I actually just sat here and stared at the blank page.  Because, it has been eighteen months since I had my little man.  A year and a half.  I was so filled with ideas, bursting at the seams, ready to tackle the world and prove that I could make my own rules.

Well, I have.  But not in the way I thought.

I envisioned taking little man out, taking over the world.  Still being able to focus on myself and be the best mom in the world.

Little did I know, he would teach me the new rules.

The dishes...will pile up.  But, he helps unload the dishwasher. Which terrifies and tickles me simultaneously!

The dog's water bowl will double as a scoopable water filled mess.  So, now I know what kind of water toys to get for Summer!

Showers are still special, but no longer the fifteen minute hot sanctuary they once were.  Fast, efficient.  And sometimes, especially in the winter, you skip shaving your legs.

No longer a night person.  Unless you sleep on the floor next to the crib instead of taking the baby to bed with you.  And the morning really is the best time to have a cup of coffee, do some yoga, dance.  If he doesn't wake up early.

Money matters.  Because I can't get enough of plaid shorts and hats.  Which don't always stay on his head.

And, time is precious.  Play is better than anything else you could be doing.  Who has the time to worry, be angry, or take things for granted when you see that smiling face or hold him when he has a fever?

My favorite thing he has taught me?

You can be happy.  Giggle. Live your dreams.

All while being a mom.

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