Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Whole New Way To Decorate

I never could understand how grown adults would let primary colors (and not to mention leggo mines) take over their homes. Convinced that I could somehow escape the "take-over", I vowed to only have two rooms that had lil dude's toys in them. His nursery, and our rec room.

But, I forgot that having a baby sleeping in our bedroom would inevitably leave a thing or two here and there.

Then, my husband decided the less tv, the better. (Because, of course, all I do is lounge around all day and watch soap operas.) Thus, our hearth room became home to leggos, blocks, and Lightning McQueen.

Which leaked into the kitchen.

But, at least each toy makes giggles and squeals of delight fill the air.

With the occasional burst of cursing when you find a stray leggo...

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