Sunday, May 7, 2017

Disney Magic And The Crazy Mommy

The past two Decembers, my family journeyed to the most magical place on Earth.

Not Hawaii. That's one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Not Venice, though it feels pretty darn magical. I speak from experience here as I've visited both places.

I'm talking Magic With The Mouse.

Walt Disney World.

With my little ones, who are now 3 and 5.

Now, I've been to Disneyland (or, the Land, as it is sometimes referred to). That was a crazy land in Cali, no shower, six hour flight then straight to the park at 6 p.m. only to be fooled about Splash Mountain's fun at any other time drop by my future husband and his dad.  Needless to say, I have very dim memories of being rushed through the park that October. Except for that ride (because we have the moment of said drop forever frozen in time and documented by the Land, including my look of terror and utter hot mess post-flight self), and the Indiana Jones ride. Loved that one.

Fast forward many years later (we did get engaged in our Anaheim hotel...and not on the beach in Malibu, but sigh...), and we are happily married with two lil dudes. Perfect time for a family vacation!

My husband had taken family vacations down to Walt Disney World with his family when he was younger, which at that time included a fabulously long road trip (once in a trans am...or was that California? I always get those mixed up when they tell the story) with his mom and little sister.  We are not that adventurous, and opted for flying the friendly skies. Approximately two hours versus hours and hours and hours driving south?  Flying every time!

And this past time was incredibly magical.

Like any mom, I'm overwhelmed. I'm happy. I'm embroiled in a messy mix of pure happiness, anxiety, stress, giggles, gratitude, exhaustion, accomplishment...the list goes on and on. And the past year was especially filled with struggles. My feet decided to rebel on me, and I developed plantar fasciitis in one foot, while the other had a flair up from an ankle injury I incurred during my first pregnancy due to the stress of the pf. Not fun. Walking was painful, let alone running around with two very active little dudes. My life is a series of crazy juggling of things, and the things I loved to do (dance, working out, running around with my boys, standing!) were near to impossible.

And we were going to WDW. Where walking is an endless activity.

Long story short, I finally started to find what my body obviously needed (the right shoes for me SO IMPORTANT, time for yoga, breathing!) to counterbalance the years of working in heels on a marble floor.

When we were at Disney, I suddenly felt lighter, happier, and dare I say, magical? Despite the fact my husband was miserable with the virus the rest of us were getting over, we had the most relaxed and wonderful time. I felt lighter, no pain in my feet even after hours of walking all day long. Of course, I had my trusty foot roller (which made TA really interesting, and full of laughs!!), but really I think the best part was the abundance of water I was drinking (I mean, I know how important it is to keep hydrated but had been seriously slacking of late), restful sleep (ah, mommy happiness!!), healthy eating (we aren't big dine out people, and stayed in a place that had a full kitchen) everyday, and YOGA!!!!!

The atmosphere at Disney, of course helped! The wonder and happiness in my boys' faces at every moment was just what a stressed out mommy needed.

When I came home, I knew that I had to figure out how to keep those feelings alive.

And so, my Disney Journey has begun. I've learned tips, tricks, and best of all, how to keep my memories alive everyday while at home.

And, I've begun running again!! Cause, you know a princess can run to the Castle, join the Rebellion, or even Wine and Dine at Epcot.  #RUNDISNEYGOALS

(photo copyright A. Jakstas)

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