Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stay At Home Mommy Tips (aka frugal doesn't mean cheap)

You know the stories...they tell you how to save money/make money/maybe even plant a money tree as w stay at home mom. The title makes it sound so easy, like snapping your fingers or clicking your heals together. More often than not, the link leads you to another link, which leads to yet another...possibly to buy the amazing ebook that, if you just dish out $9.99 or thereabouts.

Which is a case of Up & Up baby wipes.

Not this mommy.

Three years ago, I left a well paying retail management position for a company that I loved, but more often than not, came home after a ten hour day bawling my eyes out. Once I had my son the mantra I had repeated to myself suddenly made sense.


I chose to stay home. It hasn't been easy. My husband and I had just purchased our newest house while still owning our first one (yay two mortgages) and had planned major renovations, plus we now had baby boy to supply diapers, wipes, new clothes, etc, to.


But, while everything hasn't been perfect, I've learned so much. And, for the most part, I'm happy. (No one is happy all the time. If they tell you they are, they're lying to make themselves feel and look better.)

So, I've decided to help others with their choice, no gimmicks. Easy stuff. Little things, that together, can make bigger things happen.

Here is number one.

The great closet clean our , clutter cutting, make a few pennies time.

You've seen it, either on the blogosphere or even the Today Show. We don't use seventy percent of what is in our closet. And, my closet has had many years of mindless spending to gather useless items.

Most people suggest a keep, donate, and throw away pile. I don't.

Try a keep, donate, and sell pile.

The goal is to make "Stay At Home Mommy" work for you, right? So, yes, donate. These are the things that you've kept that aren't in fabulous condition or so out of style, no one will want them. Most places will take anything, because they either use it (like shelters), sell it (Goodwill), or make something of it to sell (like rags to industrial companies). And try not to forget animal shelters for your old towels, blankets, etc.

Then, take a long hard look. What do you really wear? I have cute tops, skirts, etc, that just sit there. Besides my everyday comfies, jeans, and the usual go to pieces, I have my feel good clothes. Those I wear, but on special occasions and they make me feel fabulous.

Then, there's everything else.

Big job, I know. But, you don't have to do it all at once. In fact, if you have days like I do, that would be impossible, even in jammies and skipping showers!

I use handle bags that I've collected and can't bring myself to pitch or recycle to separate my piles and organize them. Then, the real fun begins.

There's a few different routes you can go to sell your gently used, beautiful dust collectors.

Resale shops. I don't go this way often, only because I can cut out the middle man. But if time is of the essence, resale is easy and fast. Plus, you can check out what they have. The drawback, besides the little bit you leave on the table not selling yourself, is that these places only want the really current and in like new condition things.

Garage sales. Deal hunters will clean you out. For a deal. Plus they are seasonal. But, if you have a house to declutter or friends to co-host, definitely worthwhile. Bonding over money...sounds fun to me!!

Facebook groups. My local community has a sell your stuff group that I joined. You set the price and pick-up (meet at your place or somewhere).

My favorite, though? EBay. You list, take pictures and describe (the more, the better!!) your items, and then just wait. The audience is bigger, and you can ship and list when the little ones are napping or on the weekends. Plus, if you time it, you can ship a few things all at once. Just do your research on pricing (auctions vs did price), really accurate descriptions, and shipping costs. I usually pre-package items and mark what they are so I can easily ship once they sell.

Go forth, cut the clutter, and make a few dollars.

I am.

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