Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Christmas Time Is Near...Oy!! Need Presents Soon!!

Not to complain, but it suddenly hit me that it is almost Christmas time. And I have a two year old. Oy.

Sadly, the place that has been my second home for fifteen years has...well, not grown with me. Unfortunately, my former full time turned part time job isn't as mommy/pregnancy friendly as I had hoped. Which translates to no extra (though incredibly tiny!!!) spending mula.

What's a stay at home mama to do? (Besides teaching bellydance twice a week, of course.) Sell her extra clutter on eBay.

Truthfully, I've thought about a yard sale, but 1.) It's way past the season, and 2.) Most of what I have may just be above yard sale price. I know this, because I occasionally hit a few myself, and know that most people are intense bargain shoppers. Plus, who doesn't like shopping in their nice warm home with a steamy mug of goodness either on their phone or computer?

I'm a creature of comfort.

So, officially today, I am attempting to sort through the office that has become more storage than office/practice space, and seeing how much holly jolly I can find.

Wish me luck.

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  1. That's a really smart idea! You should read this book called "The Happiness Project." There is a section in it that talks about the different types of clutter in your life and how to just get rid of them! Would love it if you stopped by and checked out HomeHero.org to learn more about us. Who knows, maybe even write something on us! Thank you!