Friday, February 20, 2015

Making The Most Of Mommy Time Quick Tips

Time management took on a whole new meaning with the arrival of baby boy number two. Multi-tasking raised to a magician skill level, combined with a pencil schedule (read, flexible, eraser friendly, and downright throw it out the window) attitude.

That's when I figured out a few tips that make some days (not all, of course...that would just be silly!) feel as though I've accomplished something...or things!

Take advantage of early mornings. My boys wake up early, which means I wake up early. Amazingly enough, I kind of like that at times. I get myself a decaf pot brewing (or if I fell real fancy, I brew a nice cup of Teavana). Then, I get my game plan on. If I can get three things at least of my today list, it is a win. Laundry, dishes, and dinner in the crockpot. Usually, the boys are in the best mood early and play well together, allowing me to have a pretty productive morning. Then, I have the rest of the day to pick up leggos and Cars.

Multitasking is a must. My house is u-shaped. Therefore if I have to go to one side or the other, I try to take something with me or grab the Swiffer to join me on my journey. There's always clothes to be dropped off to the laundry room!

Make a realistic list. There's no way I can get the whole house cleaned, mopped, sparkling and perfect. But, I can get laundry started, the dishwasher emptied, and a fabulous tickle session in. Yep, I put that one on. Not only to check off another item, but to remind me that there are things more important than a clean house.

Finally, put down your phone. Seriously. It is a time sucker. I try to have one day a week that the phone is just a phone, and not a mindless time escape. Then, I actually try (this doesn't always happen, because I do have to do work related "tasks" at times) to only check my phone at a scheduled time. First thing in the morning, nap time, in between daddy coming home and dinner, and before bed.

But, the biggest thing I do for my time management road to a great day? Don't stress if things don't go the way you plan. Big deal. Happiness isn't a clean house, a perfect list checked off item by is those moments that melt your heart.

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