Monday, September 23, 2013

Mommy Time, Take Two!

According to my pregnancy app, I've reached that milestone of glowing somewhat happiness.

The second trimester. The blissful place of no more fatigue, bye bye morning sickness, and joyfully sharing the news (no, I've not been consuming copious amounts of Twinkies, I'm expecting!). Truly, I'm hoping this will all come to pass. The sharing, check. Morning sickness so bad I actually had to ask my doctor for help (and I'm not big on meds) as well as trying to keep up with a two year old while constantly wanting to nap? Gladly, I will let you go!

Honestly, the nausea has slowed up its relentless onslaught of the last few months, although it still likes to remind me once in a while how much time we've spent together! Energy? Let's just say today, I washed AND put away the laundry.

And while celebrating, I've noticed that maybe my me time has, once again, fled with the sultry summer weather. Therefore, I'm starting the mommy ritual once again. Once a day (or even...gasp...twice!!!) this expectant mama of a two year old will be doing something for herself.

Today, I've decide to combine my Pinterest Addiction (yep, in caps) with mommy time to make a hearty fall soup. This may not be most mommy's ideal moment of snuck in bliss, but I love soup...especially during the first few days of fall!!

Zuppa Tuscana a la Olive Garden it is...from here...

Zuppa Toscana (in the crock pot). -

I love how this fellow Blogger actually put in her blog that it is perfectly okay to adjust the recipe to what you would want. I think we get so caught up on making everything perfect, we forget that we can truly make anything ours. Personally, I like a more rustic feel to my soups, so I chose to leave the skin on (and I admit, it was easier with lil man to just clean and cube!) and use white as well as red potatoes. Plus, I used a lighter fat free base and am going to use whole milk vs. cream. Because you know I'll make up for it with bread with rosemary garlic butter ;-).

Of course, this is early stage crock cooking...but it still already smells delish.

And I really need to fit in some yoga sometime....

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