Sunday, August 18, 2013

Things I Love...Already Famous Nail Colour Sephora by OPI

I've pretty much resigned myself to the changes in my life since little man made his entrance into the world. Long, hot relaxing showers...actually doing my hair every day...even actually getting dressed out if jammies. Although, that last one doesn't happen as much as I'd like. Jammies all day is fun sometimes.

And doing my nails. Nap time is jam packed with as much as I can fit in, which usually consists of a quick lunch, shower, and either dishes/yoga/laundry/bellydance. That is, if I'm lucky.

To keep myself feeling pretty (silly, but as a mommy, I need those fitly things!), I've found the easiest way to jazz up my nails quickly is metallic nail polish! Not only do you get a splash of sparkle, it dries really fast!!

So, here's to my new favorite color: Already Famous Nail Colour by Sephora By OPI. A great neutral metallic that makes mommy time fit in with everything else!

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